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Temporary Campus Parking

Apply for Temporary Campus Parking

A Temporary Parking Permit (in the form of a mint green hangtag) can be obtained by completing the Temporary Parking Application located at, or by visiting the Student Services Office in the Student Center. All campus guests must park only in regular parking spaces in the lot for the department indicated on the assigned hangtag.  Parking in the Founders Inn lot or the CBN Corporate Support Building lot is only authorized if guests will be visiting those specific buildings. Students may utilize the rows of parking closest to the Classroom Building in the event the CRB lot is full upon arrival. Parking in the CBN Studio Headquarters lot (across from the Student Center) is limited to full-time staff of the Student Center and is controlled accordingly. Vehicles parked in this lot without proper authorization will be ticketed $100 and/or towed.

Residential/Student Housing Lots: Regent Village and Regent Commons parking lots are designated as Residential Lots (“R-Lots").  These lots are to be used exclusively by residents and registered guests of the Regent Commons and Regent Village on-campus residential areas. Current student residents of Regent Village or Regent Commons will be issued a red sticker for their vehicle.  Guests of student residents parking in the R-Lots will need to obtain a guest pass from the Regent Village or Regent Commons Student Housing Offices. 


Violations: Parking violations are $50 for most offenses;  $100 for parking without a hangtag in the CBN Studio Headquarters lot; and $150 for parking in a disabled spot. All fines are to be paid to the cashier in the University Business Office within ten days.  Vehicles will ticketed and/or towed if parked in unauthorized locations such as: reserved (permit parking only) spaces, disabled spaces, visitor spaces, loading zones, fire lanes, no-parking areas, driveways, and non-paved areas.  Vehicles parked in fire lanes or in other areas where safety is affected, especially in the shuttle thoroughfare, will be towed at owner’s expense. Violations may be appealed by filing the proper form at

Liability:   Please make every effort to secure all vehicles and belongings while on campus. Regent University, CBN, and Founders Inn are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles parked on the property. Theft or damage reports can be made by contacting Campus Police at 757-226-2075. 

Disabled parking:  Persons who require access to disabled parking spaces should apply for a disabled placard or plate from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  For more information, visit their website at For information on temporary medical parking needs, visit

Reserved Spaces:  There are numbered reserved parking spaces for full-time faculty and staff, as well as additional reserved ACLJ parking spaces, available on campus.  Parking in a reserved space without proper authorization during enforcement hours (Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm) will result in the vehicle being ticketed and/or towed. 

Overnight/Extended Parking:  No vehicles may be left in Regent/CBN/Founders Inn parking lots overnight unless pre-authorized by Parking Services.  Any vehicle not authorized for overnight parking will be subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s expense. Vehicles left on campus overnight must be officially registered with Parking Services and display a current Regent parking sticker or temporary hangtag, as well as an Overnight/Extended Parking Permit. Applications for Overnight/Extended Parking may be found at

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