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SHB (Student Center) Parking

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CBN has graciously allowed Regent to use the front half of the south parking lot (facing the ring road) of the Studio Headquarters Building (SHB).  Use of the front half of the lot is restricted to Regent Student Center staff, COGS executive officers and RUC executive officers only.  Student Center full-and part-time regular staff and COGS/RUC representatives will receive a reserved parking hangtag for their vehicles which are only for the Studio Lot.  These reserved hangtags are not transferable.  It is mandatory that the hangtag is hanging from the rearview mirror while parked in the lot.  Tickets received on vehicles without a hangtag will not be voided, and towing fees will not be refunded.

Temporary employees and graduate assistant/student positions may not use this lot; they should park in alternate Regent lots.

Please be aware that both the north and south Studio parking lots are still off limits to the rest of the Regent community (faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the buildings other than the Student Center); violators will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense.  There are several visitor spaces, with a one-hour parking maximum, available directly behind the Student Center, and there are visitor spaces at the far end of the Studio lot which can also be utilized by Student Center visitors.


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