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Reserved Parking

Apply for Reserved Campus Parking

Paid reserved parking is available to full- or part-time regular faculty and staff on a first come, first served basis.  Reserved parking spots for Deans, University President and Vice Presidents, University Assistant Vice Presidents, and Facility Manager are available at no cost.  Each parking lot has a designated “Employee of the Month” reserved spot, the signs for which are covered and the spots available for general use, unless the current employee of the month works in that building. 

Following is the fee scale.  Two payment options are available: lump sum payable at the start of the academic year by payroll deduction or a monthly payroll deduction.  Payroll authorization will remain in effect until written cancellation is submitted, by the 15th day of the month prior to the desired termination month. Should more than one person wish to split the purchase of a reserved parking space, the fee will be charged according to each individual’s salary. Part-time employees are not eligible for payroll deductions, but should submit their lump sum via a check to the Business Office no later than July 31st of each year.


Annual Salary Monthly Fee
$40,000 and below $25
$40,001 - $60,000 $34
$60,001 - $80,000 $42
$80,001 and above $50


A reserved space holder will receive two reserved parking hangtags to be displayed from the rearview mirror.  Hangtags must be used on any vehicle parked in the reserved space and all vehicles must be registered with Parking Services. Parking spaces may be sub-assigned at the space owner's discretion as long as the space owner does not charge another employee for its use.

Hours of enforcement for reserved parking are Monday - Friday from 6 am to 6pm.  Space holders who arrive on campus to find an unauthorized vehicle in their parking space during these hours should contact Parking Services immediately at 352.4103 or 352.4927. Parking Services and Campus Police will coordinate removal of the vehicle and/or disciplinary action to the vehicle owner, if necessary.

Parking Services reserves the right to make all reserved parking spots available to the Regent community at large in the case of a large event on campus.

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