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Overnight or Extended Parking

Apply for Overnight/Extended Parking

For the safety and security of all University patrons, all overnight parking needs must be registered with University Parking Services. Vehicles may be left on campus overnight, on weekends, and for the duration of out-of-town travel with prior approval of Student Services and Campus Police. Applications for Overnight/Extended parking must be submitted using the application located at no later than 3 business days prior to the date the vehicle will be left. Approved requests will receive an Overnight/Extended Parking Permit to be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle while it is left on campus.

Vehicles left on campus overnight without permission, or without properly displayed Overnight/Extended Parking Permits, are subject to ticketing and/or towing at Owner’s expense.

Please follow the guidelines below for submitting a request.


Vehicle owners requesting to leave their vehicle parked on campus overnight must meet the following criteria:


  • Owner must be a faculty member, staff member, or campus housing student;
  • Vehicle must be registered with Regent University’s Parking Services;
  • Vehicle must have a Regent University Parking Decal displayed on their windshield.


Requests will be processed as soon as they are received.  Please allow up to 2 business days for a decision to be reached and a response to be given. Should the request be approved and an Overnight Parking Permit issued, vehicle must be parked in the lot specified in the approved request, and should be parked as far away from the building as possible, under a light pole. Should the dates need to be extended for any reason, please e-mail or contact Parking Services at 757.352.4103 as soon as possible to avoid any repercussions.

Should a violation be issued while a vehicle is parked on campus after having been approved by Parking Services and Campus Police, a Violation Appeal Form may be submitted at within 10 days of ticket issuance. Parking Services and Campus Police will review the Appeal Form and notify vehicle owner of its response in a timely manner. All decisions are final.


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