Working in the U.S. (Employment)

Employment is considered to be the part-time or full-time rendering of services for any type of compensation (financial or other). Employment is a "benefit" of the F-1 student immigration status, which is only available to those students who have maintained their lawful immigration status.

F-1 students can only work in the U.S. after receiving the proper authorization and with certain restrictions. Working in the U.S. without proper authorization, or for more hours than permitted, is a serious violation of the F-1 student status which can lead to deportation. If you are considering any type of employment in the U.S., you should first consult with the International Student Services Office for specific rules and restrictions.

All students who plan to work in the U.S. must first obtain a U.S. social security number for employment and taxation purposes. Details about the social security card application can be found under the "Student Handbook." Details about the various F-1 student employment options can be found by clicking on the links provided below. For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the International Student Services Office at 757.352.4130.

F-1 Students

Special Notes: F-2 dependents are NOT permitted to work in the U.S. under ANY circumstances. F-1 students are NOT permitted to engage in any type of self-employment unless they are authorized for OPT under the special OPT guidance issued by SEVP.