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International Alumni Profiles

Following are profiles of international students from around the world who have graduated and are making their mark in the world with the skills they gained from their time at Regent University.


Varsha Sherring


 School:  School of Communications and the Arts

 Graduated:  Spring 2010

 Home Country:  India


When I first came to Regent in 1997 to purse my Masters in Communication, I was impressed by both its caliber of academia as well as its dedication to develop Christian leaders to change the world. Two years later, armed with the tools of television production as well as with a deeper understanding of my faith, I returned to India and joined CBN India. I was part of the production team that produced the first weekly Indian 700 Club show in India. Today, that show has evolved into a daily show and is viewed by nearly one million Indians.

In 2005, I felt the need to expand my horizons. So, I applied to Regent’s doctoral program in Communication Studies and was accepted. Once again, I found myself in an environment that not only spurred my academic but also my spiritual growth. I had the privilege to also be involved with Regent’s International student organization known as ISO, first as a member and later as its President. In May 2010, I graduated and joined CBN, Virginia Beach to oversee the daily operations of a television website catering to the Indian diaspora that spans over 25 million.

I am grateful to Regent University and its founder, Dr. Pat Robertson for fulfilling their mission thereby enabling us to fulfill ours.

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Jenise Allen


 School:  School of Education

 Graduated:  Spring 2008

 Home Country: Jamaica


In August 2006 I enrolled in the hybrid Cross-Categorical Special Education (M.Ed) program at Regent University. After teaching a year in a regular education classroom I had felt compelled to go a step further by focusing on working with students with learning disabilities. The courses in the Cross-Cat program in the School of Education were purposeful in nature. It was clear to me that they were designed and intentionally structured in such a manner that students like myself would be learned and schooled in every aspect of what was needed to be a successful, professional educator. My professors were always careful not to “sugar coat” any information they gave us but always provided numerous examples, practical insights and opportunities to prepare us for the real world

In May 2008, I walked across the stage of the Library Plaza one step closer towards my destiny. Ps. 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” God honored His word by providing me with the exact job that I desired upon completion of my studies. I am now a second grade inclusion special education teacher with the third largest public school system here in Virginia. The population of students that I get to work with on a daily basis is in answer to my prayers of years ago. I am very thankful and grateful for all the mentoring, support and encouragement that I received from my professors at Regent that truly helped me to be the special educator that I am today.

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Yujie Yao


 School:  School of Education

 Graduated:  Fall 2009

 Home Country:  China


I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study the Master Teacher Program/TESOL Concentration at the School of Education, Regent University from August, 2008 to December, 2009.  Having a Master’s degree in TESOL has been on my mind for a long time. Before I went to Regent, I had taught English as a foreign language at a university in China for four years and felt a great need to learn more about English teaching. Then, Regent opened the door and helped me achieve my goal. The program was very practical and helpful. I was exposed to various language teaching theories and practices. The professors were very professional and supportive. They guided me to focus on what I was interested in and what would be helpful for teaching English to Chinese students in China. That was one of the most meaningful experiences in my life. I felt that I was a like thirsty sponge who was trying to absorb as much as I can.

Graduated from Regent in December, 2009, I started to get ready for a new life back in China. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go through the tough process of finding a job. The school I worked for before I went to the States has kept the position for me. So, I started teaching again right away when the new semester began in March. Now, I have been teaching English reading to about 150 students for a few months. Honestly, it has been a challenge, in that to put what I have learned from Regent into practice in the context of China is not an easy job. I found that there were a lot for me to learn in actual teaching. Regent has prepared me with good theoretical foundation. I will need to learn more from actual teaching practices. I love teaching and spending time with students. I believe it’s a rewarding job.

I am very thankful to have Regent as a part of my life. Starting from here, I’m striving for a more fruitful future.

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Andreas Waldmann


 School:  School of Divinity

 Graduated:  2006

 Home Country:  Germany


When I came to Regent in 2004, I hoped—but never expected—that this time would change the course of my life the way it did. After more than 7 years in a ”typical” full-time ministry position, I really felt that God was leading my wife and me into a time of refreshing and reorientation. Soon it seemed clear to us that God would like to use a course of study at Regent University to give us the necessary break and prepare us for future ministry.  The two years of my M.A. in Practical Theology went by fast and not only widened my perspective for the work of the Kingdom but also enriched our family through the birth of our second son. Half way through my studies, I started worrying (and praying) about God’s next step for our lives.

In the months before graduation, I—almost miraculously—got in touch with a few people from CBN who were planning a German project. As I offered my help, this door seemed to be closed, though. To my surprise, I actually ended up as one of the hosts of the German 700 Club. Back in Germany, God prevented me from simply going back into ministry as I knew it. Instead, He allowed me to be part of the pioneering team that helped establishing CBN’s outreach to German-speaking Europe. As the host, I am able to minister to people throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Since December 2007, I have also had the privilege of serving full-time as the managing director of CBN Deutschland.  It’s amazing! I am very grateful that God used Regent to change my life in an unexpected way so that I can be useful for Him to change the (German-speaking) world. 

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Wole Oladele


 School:  Robertson School of Government

 Graduated:  Spring 2010

 Home Country: Nigeria


I graduated from Regent’s School of Government in May of 2010. My time at Regent was absolutely amazing! It was a great learning and growing experience. Now that I have completed my degree, I can confidently say that I am better equipped to take on many of the complex challenges that the real world presents today. The inculcation of Christian values and perspectives into the school program is certainly a huge advantage to students. And interestingly, the addition of Christianity hasn’t sidelined the academic rigor, intensity and diversity of study that is needed in a university. There is certainly a good balance. I have really come to appreciate my Regent education in my still brief time in the work environment.

As an international student in the Virginia Beach campus for approximately two years, I felt welcomed and at home. The environment was very conducive for learning and the people were incredibly warm, friendly and helpful. I was highly impressed by the service to international students. The Regent community provides various avenues through staff and students to attend to the needs of international students. Also, service to international students does not end with graduation as I have come to realize recently upon my graduation.


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Huang Nian


 School:  School of Law

 Graduated:  2009

 Home Country: China


I have been interested in international business transaction law for years before I came to Regent.  And one of the purposes I came to Regent Law School is that I want to ace on both English language and American legal system.   Regent Law School did train me well on both of the fields.   Unlike LL.M programs in other law schools which have lots of international students and even lots of Chinese students, Regent Law School has a selective and small group of LL.M students.  Therefore, I had a great opportunity to communicate with local students and directly study with JD students which has easily immersed me into the local American culture.

The better I know about American language and culture, the more prepared I am for international business transactions, especially the transaction between China and America. I was ready to go back to China to continue my business law career after graduation.  However, God has a better plan for me.  Now I worked as a project manager for international programs at the School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship (GLE), Regent.  This great opportunity enables me to learn the core knowledge in the business world.  Also, I have had the chance to train myself on management, negotiation and social communication ability.

I am thankful that my Regent education has broadened my career perspective and most importantly, has strengthened my faith in God through the clear direction He has showed to me during my time here.

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Brian Gitonga                                                                               


 SchoolSchool of Business & Leadership

 Graduated: May 2015

 Home Country: Kenya


My name is Brian Gitonga I am from east Africa particularly Kenya

I came to regent in august 5th 2013 to study a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. For me it was important to learn how to start and run my own business. But in my thought at the time business was not in tune with Christian principles and I needed to learn how to marry the two. Regent was the place where I learnt how the word of God ties in with business. With able and knowledgeable professors, I was able to discern the wisdom the bible holds about business.

 And because the sun that shone in in the days of the bible is still the sun that shines to this day. The Holy bibles teachings still hold true to this day. My Regent experience wasn’t just limited to the classroom, it reached out far beyond the classroom where I made friends who became as close as my family from all over the globe. Our international students’ director Heidi Decker fostered a home away from home for international students. She helped create a family of believers among students which made life at amazingly refreshing. Now I can confidently say I have family in countries like India, Norway, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Malaysia, Jamaica, Spain, china, japan, the united states, Kenya among others.

The wisdom and life skills I got from working at regent as a graduate student senator alongside Arun Daniel. have enabled me to navigate my career at wells Fargo corporate   working as project manager. The Christ led mentality along with valuable knowledge helps me in my everyday engagement with team members and the success of my work. I am forever thankful to regent for forever changing my life for the better.


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Lemuel Williams                                                                             


 School:  School of Psychology & Counseling

 Graduated: August 2010

 Home Country: Trinidad & Tobago


Lemuel Osbert Williams is a Trinidad & Tobago born native currently finalizing his residency at The National Counselling Group Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA, USA as a Home/Community Based Counsellor. He has worked providing both In-Home and Mental Health Support Services to the Virginia Beach and surrounding areas (Norfolk and Portsmouth). Lemuel studied in the USA for seven (7) years; most recently graduating with a Dual Master of Arts degree in School Counselling & Community Counselling from Regent University. Lemuel holds a provisional School Counsellor's license through the Virginia Board of Educators, is currently certified as a Nationally Certified Counsellor with the NBCC, and is also a Resident in Counselling (license eligible) working on his experience hours for both the Licensed Professional Counsellor (LPC) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) within the State of Virginia.

Apart from his formal schooling, Lemuel has also participated in independent studies and work within the area of Trauma and Traumatology. He is board certified as a Certified Traumatologist (a certification which encompasses a varying array of other certifications such as Compassion Fatigue therapist/educator, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing [EMDR], treating traumatized families, Sexual abuse, and so on: that all have to do with trauma) with the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology. He was then awarded the credential as a Certified Instructor in Trauma and currently teaches post-grad certification modules as an assistant instructor at The Regent University's Centre for Trauma Studies. In this capacity, Lemuel has had the privilege to travel the world doing trauma work in places such as South Africa, Haiti, Nicaragua, Kenya and soon coming, Romania. While abroad, he works effectively and directly in three roles: as a counsellor/therapist, as an educator and as a team leader- doing individual/group therapy for traumatized populations, teaching/training for workers and aides within the country themselves, and also supervising the team members and observing others' work while giving direction and guidance.

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Hanisha Besant  



School:  School of Bussiness & Leadership

 Graduated: August 2012

 Home Country: India



I am Hanisha from Pune, India. I arrived at Regent when I was 19 years old as a transfer student from the Caribbean. I completed my BSc in Psychology at Regent University in 2009 and found a wonderful opportunity at Regent to work during my Optional Practical Training. At the time I was working at the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship where my eyes were open to Kingdom business and business as missions. Though I was flourishing in the field of Psychology, I found myself at a crossroad. I had a tremendous interest in business due to a rich entrepreneurial family heritage and my experience with Students in Free Enterprise, but I was also deeply interested in communication and counseling. As I continued to wait on the Lord for guidance, I had divine encounters with many people who saw an entrepreneur in me. By the grace and favor of God, a lot of the people in the School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship got to know me and were very supportive of me continuing my education in business. I was awarded the Dean's Scholarship, which was the final "go ahead" signal for which I was waiting on the Lord for. That is how my supernatural journey in the School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship began.

My experience during my MBA was phenomenal. I enjoyed the classes, but most of all it was an honor to be taught by spectacular faculty. The biblical integration in each class was life changing for me as I learned to dig deeper into scripture to get enlightening truths about kingdom principles in the realm of business. I finished my MBA in a year and a half and once again was faced with a period of Optional Practical Training. This time a door opened for me to work for the Professional Continuing Education Department where I had the opportunity to use what I learned during the MBA in the most creative ways. The most fascinating aspect of the training period is that I got to serve in different roles including being a Program Manager for Special Projects, and the Interim Director for Professional Licensure Programs. The creative thinking that was fostered in me through the MBA enabled me to come up with creative solutions and ideas as I wore the different hats. The experience stretched me and empowered me to pursue my dreams. I will continue to work for Regent as my role has evolved into aiding with business development in international markets. I am excited to see what God has in store!


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