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Helpful Tips and Reminders

In addition to what you'll find throughout this site, here are some helpful tips and reminders for a successful international experience at Regent:

  1. Remember that any and all immigration related questions must be addressed to the International Student Services Office and not to any other office on campus. This includes employment, travel, and full-time status related questions as well as questions about what you can and cannot do in the United States under Regent's I-20.

  2. Notify the OISS within 5 days of ANY CHANGES that take place in your degree program, finances, employment, address, phone number, email address, or family situation. You can contact the OISS by submitting the online Address/Information Change Form.

  3. Submit your completed Travel Signatuer Request to the OISS at least 2 weeks prior to your departure date, or at least 2 weeks prior to the university closing date for any holidays, whichever date comes first.

  4. Apply for I-20 program extension at least 30 days prior to your SEVIS I-20 form expiration. If your form expires and you haven't applied for an extension, you will fall out of lawful immigration status and will have to apply for reinstatement to lawful status. This is a very lengthy and arduous process that involves work with your school, the OISS.

  5. Participate in OISS/University-sponsored events and activities. You'll find that the relationships you develop and the fun you have will be incredibly rewarding.

  6. Get involved in a local church. You'll often find a home away from home in your local church, discover an extended family, and find fulfillment in serving God by serving others. The OISS keeps a database of the local and global churches. We are glad to provide you with this information.

  7. Get to know your neighbors. Whether you live in on campus at Regent Village or Regent Commons or off campus, don't pass up the opportunity to build relationships with those around you. Although breaking past cultural barriers might be difficult at first, you'll miss out on so much -and so will your neighbors- by staying behind closed doors.

  8. Ask questions. You'll often hear that there are no stupid questions. And you'll probably find out that you're not the only one with a question. Asking questions is one of the best ways to learn, both in the classroom and outside the classroom, so don't be afraid to ask when something's unclear or you're just curious.

  9. Ask for help. So often students wait until it's too late to ask for help. You'll find that your professors and the staff at Regent are always willing to help when there's a problem or a question. But it's your responsibility to ask; they won't come to you in most cases unless they know you need help. If you're struggling with your studies, with the English language, or with a cultural issue, find someone to talk to about it. If you don't know where to go, then start with someone in the OISS.