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Career Fair Update

On February 13, 2012, Career Services and the Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team hosted the “Have a Heart" career fair. Businesses all over Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach were encouraged to participate in this opening event, and Regent University students and alumni were invited to attend this unique network opportunity and seek out possible internships or employment prospects within these respectable companies. Alexander Watts, an undergraduate business major, commented that “the companies that were featured had information on career opportunities for students who are close to finishing school and entering the workforce.” This was a great occasion for students to meet with local businesses and national companies to expand their career horizons.

This inaugural event for Career Services was unique for both Regent University students and the Virginia Beach business community. Students and alumni were able to meet with a diverse group of companies whose expertise spanned the spectrum of communications, broadcasting, food service, public service, and much more. At the same time, businesses and government departments were exposed to a wide variety of majors and disciplines composed of Regent’s Christian community of excellence. Students with unique talents and skills were able to introduce themselves to companies that would not normally have reached out to those certain disciplines or majors within the academic community.

While SIFE initially proposed the idea of a career fair, Career Services embraced the thought and was integral in sponsoring it. Saranette Williams, director of Career Services, commented that the “Have a Heart” theme had a two-fold purpose. Its first purpose was to “encourage small business” to interact with Regent University students. Students and businesses alike were encouraged to expand their horizons and have heart for other opportunities and leadings. The second purpose was to have a heart for the environment and create “an environmentally sustainable event.” Both groups wanted to promote environmentally friendly businesses and business practices. To accomplish this they partnered with volunteers from APO and CAA to use recyclable materials at the career fair and made sure that all paper and plastic bottles made their way to the appropriate recycle bins.

Though the career fair was merely the inaugural program for the newly consolidated Career Services department, its final outcome was an overwhelming success. Over 20 local and national businesses partnered with Career Services and SIFE to provide students with unique network opportunities. Organizations like AFLAC, the DEA, NEXCOM, COX, CBN, and many others were present to review student resumes and provide information about their operations and opportunities. In response, over 175 students and prospective career seekers participated in this networking event. Even in its infancy, the “Have a Heart" career fair can be ranked as one of the most successful networking events on campus this year. Students can look forward to participating in future events like this for Career Services, and Williams noted that this career fair “will be an annual event.”


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