Ascribe Worship Nights

To ascribe means to give credit, or point back to something. So when we ascribe our artwork, dance, song, photographic skill, spoken work, or poetry to the Lord, we are saying it comes directly from Him. It is as if we are allowing the Lord to sign our artwork instead of us. This is the mission of Ascribe Nights of Worship.

Ascribe is a student run art showcase, which occurs once a semester. Students from all programs are invited to come together to display their artwork and explain how the Lord inspired it, or to simply watch, listen, and support fellow students as they ascribe their talents and skills to the Lord. If you are interested in being a part of Ascribe by dancing, showing paintings or videos, or any other art forms or talents, please contact to be a part of the next showcase.


Contact Us

1000 Regent University Drive
Robertson Hall 406

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Dec. 13 – 12:00PM
University Chapel

Thursday Dec. 14 – 11:00AM
Christmas Divinity Chapel

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