The Campus Ministries Apprenticeship (CMA) program is designed to help students take the next step in their relationship with Jesus, while at the same time, providing opportunities for professional development. The CMA is a one-year, service based program in which the participant with do a number of tasks while under the discipleship and accountability of a Campus Ministry employee which includes being an usher at Chapel's and UnChapel's, reading, writing, being a part of a strategic development team, and a number of different tasks. In addition to these tasks, CMA's will meet once a week for a time of learning and community. These times of learning and community are split into four (4) different sessions which are:


The first session of the year will focus on Identity. Campus Ministries believes that the starting place for all ministry is knowing that you are loved by God, that you are Beloved (Matt. 3:17).


The second session will focus on the importance of growing in Christ. Scripture says in Luke 2:52 "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and Man" and even the word Disciple means "learner". Jesus had to grow and he calls his people to continually grow as well.


Focusing on the idea of wholeness, the third session seeks to lead students towards the holistic vision that scripture has for us. Students will seek towards living a fuller and less fragmented life in Christ.


The final session of the year, CMA's will learn about how to identify their calling. Through lessons on hearing the voice of God and how actions affect those around you, finding their calling will be the journey's end of CMA's.


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