Academic Calendar

Regent University uses a standard academic year as defined by a Fall, Spring and Summer semester.  Each semester may contain two or three 8-week "Sessions" as defined in the annual academic calendars below.

Each academic calendar provides necessary information to assist students in developing their class schedules, including the official term start and end dates, registration deadlines, payment deadlines, add/drop dates and holiday breaks. Be sure to review your academic calendar prior to the start of each term.

Term Start Dates
Undergraduate & Graduate Students*

Summer 2016
Start Dates
Full Semester May 9, 2016
May Session (E) May 9, 2016
June Session (F) June 20, 2016
Fall 2016
Start Dates
Full Semester August 22, 2016
August Session (A) August 22, 2016
September Session (M)** September 19, 2016
October Session (B) October 24, 2016
Spring 2017
Start Dates
Full Semester January 9, 2017
January Session (C) January 9, 2017
February Session (T)** February 6, 2017
March Session (D) March 13, 2017
Summer 2017
Start Dates
Full Semester May 8, 2017
May Session (E) May 8, 2017
June Session (F) June 19, 2017

* The Full Semester start date is the only enrollment option for School of Law JD and LL.M. students.

** This term is only available to online undergraduate students.