Graduation Policy

Graduation Requirements

Regent graduates those students who are in good standing upon the satisfactory completion of all degree requirements. Note: To graduate is to be granted an academic degree or diploma. Students are subject to the degree requirements listed in the Catalog for the year during which the student first enrolls. A student may petition the dean to use a subsequent Catalog. If the student is not enrolled for more than one year and is later readmitted then the student must meet the degree requirements current at the time of readmission.

Graduation Procedure

  1. All students desiring to graduate must file a Graduation Application with the Registrar's Office by: December 1 for spring or summer graduation and September 15 for fall graduation. A $25 late fee will be assessed on all first time applications submitted past the deadline.
  2. The Registrar's Office obtains approval of the Graduation Application from each student's dean and advisor.
  3. Students who are not approved to graduate in the semester stated on the Graduation Application must file another Application in a subsequent semester.
  4. The Registrar's Office issues diplomas and posts degrees on transcripts only when the registrar and the dean have certified that all graduation requirements have been met. These requirements include the following:
    1. Satisfactory completion of all degree requirements as specified in the Catalog for the student's degree program. Students who have been approved to pursue a degree according to an Individualized Degree Plan must satisfy all course and credit requirements of that plan prior to graduating.
    2. Completion of all requirements within five years for the master's degree (seven years for M.Div.) and full-time juris doctor program, six years for the part-time juris doctor program and seven years for all doctoral degrees from the date of the student's initial enrollment. Extensions are granted for good cause and with approval of the student's advisor and the dean of the school in which the student is enrolled.
    3. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 (2.00 for JD, M.Div., M.A in Practical Theology, M.A. in Missiology and Bachelor's Degree students).
    4. Payment of graduation fee and all university financial obligations, including housing.
  5. Students on academic or disciplinary probation will not be allowed to graduate.


Regent University holds an annual commencement at the end of the spring semester. Students must obtain approval to participate. Students approved to graduate in the spring, summer or fall semesters are strongly encouraged to participate in commencement for the conferring of the degree. Students who are unable to attend should still submit their RSVP through Genisys.

All students must have completed all requirements toward graduation prior to participating in commencement. However, due to the uniqueness of some programs and the fact that there is only one commencement yearly, Regent provides the opportunity for students who have not completed all requirements to participate in commencement, if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The student has no more than two courses remaining for graduation and these courses must be completed in the summer. The coursework may include an internship or practicum experience, which can also be completed during the summer.
  2. Theses, dissertations and portfolios must have been successfully defended or approved before the spring cut-off date (varies by school) and all that remains are final edits.

Students requesting permission to participate in the commencement ceremony who have not completed all graduation requirements but who are eligible to walk under the above criteria must:

  1. Receive certification from the dean of the school from which they are graduating that they are eligible to participate in commencement. The school must send certification to the Registrar's Office by March 1.
  2. Receive final written approval from the Registrar's Office that they are eligible to participate in commencement.
  3. Register and pay for coursework during summer registration. Participating in commencement exercises prior to completing all graduation requirements is a privilege and does not guarantee the student's right to graduate unless all requirements have been met.

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