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Marketing Strategy & Concept Development

As part of the marketing process, you are encouraged to meet with our team of experts to map out a marketing strategy for your project. This is the first step toward successful advertising.

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Copywriting Management & Copy Editing

While we do offer limited assistance with copywriting, it is not a primary function. Clients should plan to provide completed copy, or at least copy points. Please see Tips for Submitting Copy. If significant copywriting assistance is required, the client should budget to hire a recommended freelance copywriter.

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Design & Layout

Once the copy is approved, we move into the design and layout phase of your project. Based on the information you submit, the marketing strategy and the budget that is defined, we design the piece to meet these objectives. Since most of our materials travel together, we strive to keep everything consistent with the overall Regent brand.

Once the layout is approved internally, it is forwarded to you for your approval. No more than three rounds of changes are allowed on any project. Once final approvals are received, the project will move to production.

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Web Design

Combining brand consistency with aesthetic usability, University Marketing creates web materials for your school or department. Our services include: HTML emails, landing pages, microsites, animations, banners, web ads and website design/redesign.

We specifically concentrate on the front-end phase of web production by strategizing and executing the visual “look and feel” and by creating web templates. Web templates are then passed off to the appropriate web representative of your school or department for content population.

For back-end web programming and functionality needs, please contact Information Technology.


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Website Content Management

University Marketing oversees copy editing and additions to the general Regent website. Should you have any changes or questions about a university-wide page that pertains to your school or department (e.g., Distinguished Faculty, Academics, Regent Facts), please email

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Ad Materials for Print and Web

Based on your school’s media plan, you should open a job for each ad that has been placed four weeks prior to the due date. When these jobs are opened, include a copy of the insertion order as well as any specific event dates, times or other specific information such as phone numbers or URLs for tracking that needs to be included in the ad. University Marketing will design the ad for print or web based on the size indicated on the insertion order. Once the ad is approved internally and by the client/school, marketing will prepare and send the proper materials to the publication.

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Print Production for Collateral Materials

Once the layout and size of a piece is approved, University Marketing sends out the print specifications to a number of vendors. Based on the best price and delivery, we will send you an estimate for approval. We often price a number of quantity options so you can choose the best cost and quantity for your project. The cost/quantity approval needs to be sent back to production from a person with signature authority along with delivery information and the account code for charging.

Once we receive this approval, we send the project to the vendor and a purchase order is provided by the purchasing department. Final press proofs are approved by the production manager prior to printing, and the job is often approved at press. The production manager will advise you when to expect project delivery based on the size of the piece and the quantity ordered.

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Production Management of Video, TV and Radio

Regent Marketing has established a relationship with several vendors for video projects as well as radio and TV spots. We can provide you with an estimate for these services and a timeline. Marketing can manage the project for you, but the same criterion applies as for other jobs.

Most jobs of this nature require a meeting to determine the individuals who will be interviewed, the script or questions to be asked and the length of the piece. If additional copywriting services are required, this will be discussed in the strategy meeting so that an estimate can be obtained.

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Media Buying

We work with a media buyer for media purchases including web, print and broadcast, and follow through to ensure that the materials are sent for each media placement. However, you are responsible for opening jobs for each ad insertion, providing an adequate timeline and project details. You may contact our media buyer, Carla Daniels, at 757.287.7233.

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Regent University Photography Policy

Regent University Marketing provides photography services for general marketing purposes including: brochures, advertisements, prospectuses, direct mail, digital communications, Public Relations, and other recruitment and/or fundraising purposes. We may recommend outsourcing for complex photography needs related to advertising projects or if a Regent Marketing photographer is not available. Outsourcing could incur a fee that we would quote upfront.

Event photography is provided at a base rate of $50 an hour for documentary style photography with typical snapshots of award recipients and VIPS, etc. For more complex event photo requirements, fees will be determined on an as needed basis. University Marketing will coordinate the arrangements for you and provide an approved photographer to serve your needs. To request photographic services, please fill out our short job request form and a University Marketing representative will contact you within 24 hours to make arrangements for you.

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Other Resources Provided by Outside Vendors

Design and/or Copywriting for Non-Marketing/Non-Recruiting Use

Please email for a list of capable freelance designers and writers who can work with you on your project. Freelancers will bill you directly.

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K2 Trophies & Awards is an excellent vendor to produce plaques and awards. Their website is You will need to provide an approved layout to them with the Regent logo and any signatures in place. The best format to provide is a pdf.

  • The average cost is $20, plus shipping. They take 5-7 business days to produce including shipping.

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Table Tents, Table Numbers, Signs, etc.

Hackworth Reprographics is an excellent vendor for producing such work. Please call them at 545.7675 for more information. You can prepare your document in Word or Publisher and save it as a PDF. Email the file directly to Hackworth at Hackworth also provides pick-up/delivery services for a small fee and will bill you directly.

University Business Cards

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University Stationery

Click here Opens in a new browser window to order stationery.

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