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About the Crest

The visual image of Regent University plays an integral role in communicating the institution's purpose and integrity to the public. When we adopted our name, Regent University, in January of 1990, every effort was made to blend the existing equity inherent in CBN University's brief history with emblems relevant to our faith and historic surroundings. The result is the design you see below, the name of the University used in tandem with the heraldic crest. Each element of the crest has unique significance.

When the heraldic crest and classically typeset Regent University name are united, a timeless image is created that communicates to the ages that for which we stand.

The Regent University crest is a registered trademark of Regent University. Use of the crest requires approval from Regent University. If you wish to request approval for the use of the crest, or have questions about its use, please contact Patrick Wright, creative director at 757.352.4387.About the Regent logo

To download the crest files, please read the Terms of Use, and select the download link at the bottom of the page.

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