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Terms of Use

The Regent University logo is a registered trademark and consists of a combination of three elements used together. They are:

  • the crest on the left,
  • the words “Regent University,” on two lines AND
  • the line underneath the crest and words “Regent University.”

The trademark symbol must always be included whenever the logo is used and must be located to the right of the base of the letter "Y". (See the example below.)

Sample logo

Any use of the logo must include all of the above mentioned elements. Any change, modification or distortion of the logo is expressly forbidden.

Because of the customized type modifications used to create the logo, please do not attempt to reproduce the logo with your own typesetting. Any attempt to do so is unauthorized and forbidden.

The use of any typographical treatment of the letters REGENT UNIVERSITY, with or without the crest or any of its elements or any other graphic element does not substitute for the actual logo. For instance, the graphic treatment of the words REGENT UNIVERSITY coupled with the crown (which is an element of the official university crest), as seen on our website, is not an official logo of the university.

The offical university crest is an element of the official logo and may be used on its own as a graphic element as well as the official university seal. But on its own, it is not considered the official university logo.

When enlarging or reducing the size of the logo to fit your layout, the proportions of both the width and height must remain the same. For example, do not stretch the width of the logo by 20 percent without stretching the height of the logo 20 percent as well. The same holds true for the university crest.

Examples of Acceptable Logo and Crest Usage

acceptable use of logo

acceptable use

Examples of Unacceptable Logo and Crest Usage

Unacceptable examples

Use of Color

The logo may be reproduced in its entirety in black, PMS 295 or PMS 873. The logo may also be reproduced with the crest, words REGENT UNIVERSITY and trademark symbol in PMS 295 and the line only in PMS 873. For questions or more information about official university colors, please email Patrick Wright.

By downloading the logo, you understand and agree with the terms of use.

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