Editorial Style Guide


Telephone/fax numbers

Do not use parentheses around area codes in any documents when citing a telephone/fax number, unless it is on letterhead or business cards. Do not put the number 1 before an area code; it is implied. The Regent style prefers not to use hyphens between digit sequences. Use periods instead. (See Toll-free numbers)




Regent prefers the traditional English spelling theatre to theater. However, when referring to the actual physical space/building, rather than the art form, theater may be used.


Regent Theatre presented several plays last year.

The performance was held in the studio theater.


When stating a time, always use a colon. The only exception to this is when the space limitation makes it impossible to do so.


6:30 p.m.

In some cases, EST (Eastern Standard Time) may be placed after the time if the information is being sent nationwide. The acronym EST may be used instead of spelling it out. During daylight savings in the spring and summer months when some states "spring ahead," EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) should be used.


Capitalize titles of position only when they appear directly before a name and are not separated from the name by a comma (unless the title is at the national level). Lowercase for all other uses. (See also Offices of the university)


The president, Samuel Jones, spoke to the group.
John Smith, dean of the School of Law, spoke.
Vice President Jack Brown spoke.
Jack Brown, the vice president, spoke.

Al Gore, former U.S. Vice President, was in attendance.

Lowercase titles that serve primarily as occupational descriptions.


They welcomed evangelist John Smith.
They invited pastor and teacher John Jones.

In titles with qualifying words, the qualifying words are not capitalized.


The students met acting Dean Robert Smith.
The speaker was former President James Brown.

Long titles should follow a name, not precede it.


Bernice Gilmore, executive vice president of the alumni association, is planning a reunion.

Toll-Free Numbers

Do not add the number 1 to a toll-free number; it is implied. The Regent style prefers not to use hyphens between digit sequences. Use periods instead.



Also, do not add the words Toll-free number or Toll Free before an 800-number; it is implied. However, if the number is toll free and begins with digits other than 800 (such as 888), state that the number is toll free.

Do not hyphenate the words toll free unless they modify a noun.


Call Toll Free: 888.373.5504.
Call our toll-free number: 888.773.5504.

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United States

Spell out when used as a noun. Use U.S. (no space) only as an adjective, and use periods between the letters.


The United States sends many products overseas.

Many U.S. products are exported.

University, school, center

Capitalize the words university, school or center when a part of the proper name.


Regent University began in 1978.
The School of Communication & the Arts is growing.
Regent’s School of Business & Leadership has a bright future.

Regent has recently established the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Do not capitalize the words university, school or center in a second reference when referring to the proper name.


The university has two Preview Weekends.
The school operates on the principle of God’s truth.

The center has many supporters.

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Vice president

Do not hyphenate. (See Titles for capitalization)


Write videoconferencing as one word.


When abbreviating Virginia in a postal address, use the Post Office abbreviation VA (without a period).

In body copy, however, if the state name appears alone, do not abbreviate. Also in body copy, use the proper abbreviation set between commas when the state follows a city.


Virginia Beach, Va., is a beautiful city.

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Washington, D.C. Campus

This phrase is NO LONGER USED as the building known as the Washington, D.C. Campus has been sold. Instead, refer to the D.C. location in regards to coursework as the location in Washington, D.C. or the Washington, D.C., location.


(See also Net)

Do not capitalize web when used in a sentence.


Website is one word with no space. Capitalize only at the beginning of a sentence.


See our website for more information.
Website: www.regent.edu.

Word of God

Capitalize as shown when referring to the Bible.


Worldview is one word.


We hold and practice a biblical worldview.

Worldwide Campus

This phrase is NO LONGER USED to refer to Regent University’s distance education offered online. Instead, simply state that programs are offered online or via the Internet.


We offer programs at our campus in Virginia Beach, Va., and online. Select School of Education programs are also offered at our Washington, D.C., location.

Regent offers programs on campus and online.


Although acceptable to spell these variants of worship with one or two p's, Regent University prefers one p.


As the World Wide Web grows in recognition, the use of www. as a URL prefix is no longer necessary in many instances (ex. facebook.com, youtube.com). Regent University has not adopted a universal position but does require consistency throughout the document or materials in which you are using URLs. Websites referred to should universally include or not include www. However, if you choose not to include the www. prefix, you must first test each URL to ensure that it fluidly links to the proper site.

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