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Editorial Style Guide

The Regent University Editorial Style Guide is a living document. Because the language of culture evolves, so will the Style Guide. We originally based the Style Guide on the historical documents of the university and blended it carefully with The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and Libel Manual and The Gregg Reference Manual. Occasionally, Regent University style will vary from AP and Gregg.

Used properly, this Editorial Style Guide will help the university present a clear and consistent flow of communication to our many publics. It provides guidelines for wording, capitalization, and punctuation of university schools and offices.

When preparing publications that will bear the name of the university, please adhere to the policies set forth in this Style Guide.

Use extra caution when running your documents through the computerized spell check. The computer’s style often varies from that of Regent’s, especially in the use of periods after abbreviations.

Please email the Director of Editorial Services with any questions regarding the Editorial Style Guide or additional information that may need to be addressed.