Charges & Fees

For Media Services requests submitted fewer than 30 business days in advance for events or 7 business days in advance for classes, there will be a $50 late request fee charged to your school, department, or organization.

For last minute cancellations/re-schedules (24 hours or less) or failure to communicate a cancellation/re-schedule to Media Services, a $25 fee will be charged.

General Charging Policies for Media Services

There is no fee for services.

  • First technician $45/hr
  • Additional technicians $15/hr (if needed)
  • Media fee charged per room. Room Rates below.
  • First technician $45/hr
  • Additional technicians $15/hr (if needed)
  • Add a 25% charge to the labor fee.
  • Flat rate of $350
  • One technician for rehearsal and ceremony
  • Additional $45/hr per technician (if needed)
  • Audio Inputs
    • Up to 6 input sources
    • Types of input sources include: lavaliere microphone on minister, bride, or groom, handheld microphone for singer or speaker, keyboard, guitar, iPod/iPad, and background track CD
  • Media
    • One video, picture, or slide show (displayed at any point before, during, or after ceremony)
    • Can be displayed on any screen in the chapel including monitors in the lobby
    • Preferred audio/video formats are .mp3, .mov, and .mp4
    • All screens feature a 16x10 aspect ratio
    • All video and audio material must be delivered to the technician prior to the start of the rehearsal
  • Basic stage lighting included (no special requests)
  • Contact Founders Inn for more information here.

Room-Specific Media Fees (outside groups only)

Building Room Fee
ADM 218 $10/day
ADM 250 $10/day
Building Room Fee
COM 101 $20/day
COM 102 $20/day
COM 103 $10/day
COM 104 $10/day
COM 105 $20/day
COM 127 $10/day
COM 146 $20/day
COM 151 $10/day
COM 152 $20/day
COM 153 $10/day
COM 154 $10/day
COM Lobby Email us

Building Room Fee
CRB 203 $10/day
CRB 205 $10/day
CRB 206 $10/day
CRB 227 $10/day
CRB 228 $20/day
CRB 237 $20/day
CRB 239 $10/day
CRB 258 $10/day
CRB 260 $10/day
CRB 322 $10/day

Building Room Fee
DIV 151 $10/day
DIV 152 $10/day
DIV 169 $10/day
DIV 170 $10/day
DIV 172 $10/day
DIV 177 $20/day
DIV 179 $20/day
DIV 352 $10/day
DIV 353 $10/day
DIV 392 $10/day
Building Room Fee
LIB Auditorium $40/day
LIB Atrium $30/day
Building Room Fee
RH 101 $10/day
RH 103 $20/day
RH 105 $20/day
RH 106 $10/day
RH 107 $20/day
RH 112 $20/day
RH 113 $10/day
RH 114 $20/day
RH 116 $20/day
RH 123 $10/day
RH 201 $10/day
RH 203 $10/day
RH 205 $10/day
RH 216 $10/day
RH 218 $10/day
RH 219 $20/day
RH 221 $20/day
RH 301 $10/day
RH 326 $10/day
RH 473 $10/day
RH Lobby Email us
RH Moot Courtroom $40/day
Building Room Fee
SC 138 $10/day
RH Fountain View Room $10/day

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at