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NOTE: When you click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of this page, your application is final. Please double–check all of your data prior to submitting. You will receive an electronic version of your application via the email address you provide confirming your application has been received. If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact our IT Help Desk at 757.352.4076. Additionally, if you are having difficulties with the online application, contact for a hardcopy application.

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How did you hear about employment opportunities at Regent University?

Please choose up to three positions in which you are interested and a desired salary for each position chosen.
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NOTE: Application will remain active only until positions for which you have applied are filled.

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Why do you desire to work for Regent University?

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Are you legally authorized to work in the U.S.?
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Have you been previously employed by CBN or Regent?
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NOTE: Do not answer the following questions if you live or would work if hired by Regent University in a state or local jurisdiction where the questions are limited or precluded by state or local law.
  Have you been convicted of a crime? Yes No
  Are you currently serving a suspended sentence, on parole, on the sex offender registry, or have other special court status? Yes No
  Have you ever been refused bond? Yes No

REFERENCES: Please list names, phone numbers, occupations and email addresses. We may contact your references regarding your educational background, experience, personality and spiritual commitment.
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EDUCATION: List your most recent educational experiencies first. You may be asked to provide certified transcripts.
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Organization Name Start Date End Date Supervisor Job Title Job Description Address Salary Reason Leaving Present Job Supervisor Phone Do Not Contact Do Not Contact Reason
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Please list any experiences, computer skills, licenses, certificates, or other qualifications which will be of special benefit in the job for which you are applying. (Application should not list any information that the Federal and/or State law precludes obtaining in the pre-employment stage)

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Please comment on how you see that the relationship of your discipline and Christian beliefs align with those of the mission of Regent University.

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Of what church and what denomination are you a member?  
For how long?  

In what church, civic or community activities are you currently engaged?

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Why are you leaving your present position?

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Have you ever been discharged from any employment?  No  Yes
If yes, please explain:

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What are you doing to stay current in your field? Describe any research and/or writing you have in progress or are planning.

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Are you currently active in any professional and learned societies? No  Yes
If yes, please explain.

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Check the box if you agree with Regent University's Statement of Faith.
Check the box acknowledging that you have read the Statement of Christian Community and Mission.

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Check the box acknowledging that you have read the Disclosure and Consent Form. An approved background check will be required prior to an offer of employment.
Check the box acknowledging agreement to this Statement of Veracity and to certify that the answers given and statements made are true and correct.
Qualified prospective employees will receive consideration without discrimination because of race, color, gender, age, national origin, or disability.