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Select Published Works

We are pleased to feature selected published works of CTL staff and Regent faculty in the areas of instructional design, teaching and learning, and instructional technology.

Jackie Bruso, Sr. Instructional Designer, CTL

  • Bruso, J. L., & Stefaniak, J. E. (2016). The use of self-regulated learning measure questionnaires as a predictor of academic success. Tech Trends, 60(6), 577-584.

Sandy Yaegle, Associate Librarian, University Library

  • Lee, Marta, and Sandy Yaegle. "Information Literacy at an Academic Library: Development of a Library Course in an Online Environment." Journal of Library and Information Services in Distance Learning 2, no. 3 (2006): 33-44

Tonya Amankwatia, Director of Center for Teaching & Learning

  • Amankwatia, T. (2016) Massive open program evaluation: Crowdsourcing’s Potential to improve e-learning quality. In B. Khan (Ed.). Revolutionizing Modern Education through Meaningful E-Learning Implementation. Hershey, PA: GI Global.
  • Amankwatia, T. (2014). Challenges and benefits of the online learning strategic planning process. In P. Lowenthal, C. York, C., & J. Richardson (Eds.). Online learning: Common misconceptions, benefits, and challenges. Hauppauge NY: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Amankwatia, T., & Ehrmann, S. (2015). E-learning redesign for lasting student learning. Session presented at annual NATO E-Learning Forum, Suffolk, VA.
  • Amankwatia (2014). Impact of e-learning on higher education. Session presented at annual NATO E-Learning Forum, Suffolk, Va.
  • Amankwatia, T.B. (2013). Communicate! Integrate! An Administrator’s Account of Engaging Campus Programs and Stakeholders in a University-wide Distance Education Strategic Planning Process. Concurrent session presented at the annual convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Anaheim, CA