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"The problem is that we keep trying to force collaborative innovations into a structure and culture that supports individual work."
                                                            -Provost of a large comprehensive university

Collaboration is pivotal to successful institutional learning and improvement. Collaboration fosters innovation. So, how do we build a collaborative innovation culture? This area of the website is dedicated to resources to aid us in learning about the process of collaboration, learning about others with whom we collaborate, developing skills to collaborate better, and overcoming interpersonal mental models that thwart us from improving as an institution.  CTL will also offer opportunities to practice collaboration through projects, learning circles and other events.

To connect with faculty from other institutions, check out the CCCU Community Groups icon.

Explore the Teacher’s Toolkit to find web 2.0 tools that foster online collaboration. Web 2.0 applications can become cognitive tools to get students to engage with the content and publish to the online community. You can also download this list Description: pdf fileof basic interactive tools for faculty.