Parking Fee Waiver Form

NOTE: This form will be discontinued after the 2017-2018 semester.


Student ID:

This is to certify I should not be subject to the parking fee because:
  I do not own a car or drive a car to the Regent/CBN/Founders Inn/Regent Village parking lots
  I am a full-time Regent faculty or full-time Regent/CBN staff member

This is to certify:
  I have returned my parking sticker to Student Services, if one was issued to me, prior to submitting this waiver.

  • I understand that this waiver must be completed each semester (including summer).
  • I understand that should my status as a non-car owner/driver change during the academic year, I must immediately notify the Business Office and make arrangements to pay the parking fee.
  • I understand that the Parking Sticker Application is administered through Student Services.
  • I understand that parking fee waivers will not be accepted after the completion of the drop/add period.
Waiver requested for:
Dated: 6/20/2018