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General Ledger FAQs

Listed below are frequently asked questions regarding General Ledger accounts and reports. While some questions addressed in this section may not relate to you, please read thoroughly before calling the Business Office. Should you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the General Ledger Accountant, Heather Dowling at ext. 4058.

What is a "Central Store Charge"?

Items "purchased" from Copy Services such as letterhead, envelopes, memo pads, etc. are "charged" (in-house) to your department when requested.

What is a "program activity" code?

Typically, a program activity is set up for any "special functions" that your cost center may have when you desire to track the revenues, expenses, or both which are related to the activity. In order to set up a program activity, call the Business Office for the next available number. Should you have activities that occur from year to year, keep the same numbers going forward enabling historical data to be assessed and analyzed.

What is a "chargeback"?

A labor chargeback occurs when you have an activity that requires some type of set-up from Facility Services. A chargeback occurs when chairs, tables, and other items are set up for special events involving your cost center. The chargeback is for the time and labor used to set up for the function by cost centers. Other chargebacks are incurred when University vehicles are used by cost centers, tape, and DVD duplications are produced by Media Services and The Ordinary catering an event.

What account code is used to deposit money into?

There are many account codes that could be used. However, should the money be related to a program activity, you would assign it 468XXX (XXX- being a specific number). A good rule of thumb -- unless it is a reimbursement (below), all money is deposited into an account number that begins with a "4."

Where do I deposit reimbursements to the University?

Reimbursed monies are those dollars that are being paid back for an expense incurred by the University. This is especially true for phone calls, copies, and postage. For example: John Smith makes 1 personal phone call and the bill is $5.00. The money should be turned in on an Inter-departmental Deposit Ticket (Business Office Forms) and the deposit code would be XXXX-688000. (XXXX - being the cost center.)

There's an error on my G/L Report - what should I do?

Should you notice an error on your report and know what it is, fill out a transfer of funds form (Business Office Forms) to correct the entry in the general ledger. If you do not know what it is, look at the 2nd Column - source which designates where the entry came from.

Payables - Accounts Payable represents checks that are cut from invoices received. Call or e-mail the A/P clerks for details -- Crystal Walton, ext.4055, - or Rachel Olsen, ext. 4061,

Payroll - Represents payments through Payroll - Contact Kathleen Cage, ext. 4054,

Purchasing cards and travel cards are expenses paid by University MasterCard credit cards. The description indicates the month of the statement the transactions appeared on. Travel card description includes the cardholder's name.

Banner usually represents money coming into an account. Interdepartmental deposits, student accounts, and development receipts all flow into the General Ledger through Banner.

All other sources represent in-house charges to your cost center. Call or e-mail the G/L Accountant, Heather Dowling, ext 4058,

How do I move money from one account to another?

First, it depends if you want to move actual charges or your budget.

If it's an actual charge you have seen in your General Ledger Details Report, use a transfer of funds form (Transfer of Funds Form Word document). This form will debit (charge) the account that actually should have been charged and credit the account where the error was found.

If it's budget, use a budget revision form (Budget Revision Form Word document). This form asks for the account number, amount, and whether to increase or decrease the account. One rule that applies in using this form:

**Only operating expenditures can be transferred. You cannot transfer any type of wages or salary without prior approval of the Controller.**

If you have additional budget questions, call or e-mail Debbie Schultz, ext.4057,

How do I set up new accounts?

If you need to set up a new account, please contact Heather Dowling, ext. 4058. Accounts are categorized into a Chart of Accounts Excel document, a listing of cost centers and all accounts used within the University.

When do I receive monthly reports?

General Ledger Detail Reports are normally distributed by the 10th of each month. They are sent to department heads (deans, etc.) Request additional copies from your department head.

Revenue Expense Budget Comparison Reports are updated daily at m:\public\adminreports. Each department head has access to these under their school or department name.

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