Imagery of Regent people and campus

Video/Film/Still Photos Request

This form is intended for Regent University students/staff wishing to use the campus for video/film/still photos. Please answer all questions completely so we will know exactly what you are hoping to accomplish through this shoot. If you propose to use any special effects or mock weapons, it must be communicated in the description box below for consideration. Under no circumstances are real weapons authorized on the Regent campus, and no real or mock weapons are allowed in or near campus housing.

To reserve general areas such as: Library public areas (auditorium, lobby, 2nd floor chapel, 2nd floor balcony, atrium) and other public areas of the campus such as the grounds, building hallways and lobbies, classrooms, special event areas:

  • Complete this form fully for each area you hope to use.
  • Approval will be given through this form from the office of Administrative Services.
  • For questions, email or call 757.352.4008.

For Interior Library Areas:

  • The first floor of the interior University Library is available for video/film/still photo shoots during normal hours of operation.
  • Film crews are required to check in and out with Circulation.
  • No filming will be allowed around the Reference/Circulation Desk during service hours.
  • No access is allowed to non-public areas of the Library.
  • Maximum of five (5) hours for video shoot requests.
  • Approval will be given through this form from the University Library Dean's Office.
  • Contact 757.352.4185 with additional questions.

For Law Library Areas:

  • The third floor of the Law Library is available for student video/film/still photo shoots upon authorization via this form.
  • Approval will be given through this form from Law Library Access Services.
  • For questions, contact 757.352.4465.

For Communication Building theatre areas:

The Regent staff wants your project to be a success and is happy to assist you as long as our primary responsibility to the patrons of the library and other campus facilities is not hindered. Permission to use the facility in no way implies permission to disrupt those studying or working in the area.

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Video/Film/Still Photos Request

  1. Complete the information below for EACH location you wish to use. Authorization will be given after entire scope of film shoot is considered.

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