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Welcome all university faculty and staff event planners. There are many details involved with planning, coordinating, and executing an event, and this website is geared to streamline all special event processes for the event planner.

The first step for a school, department, or center event is to complete the Special Event Approval Form (SEAF) and submit it to Academic Affairs. There may be some exceptions to this rule; contact their office for clarification. Click on the link for the Special Events Manual, available below for your review. All event planners are expected to read the information and adhere to the established university policies. This procedural guide provides policy and instructions on how to proceed with the planning of your event.

Also below, you will find a listing of the central departments that assist with various components of special events. Direct links to their website information are included. We have included an "All Forms" page including all the forms an event planner may need to complete for their event, as well as Quick-Glance Instructions to help you each step of the way. It is required to submit your event to the events calendar as soon as the date and rooms are confirmed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Special Events Approval Form (SEAF)

Quick-Glance Instructions for a Regent Event
All Forms Alphabetical
All Forms by Department
Central Departments Assisting with Events (Contact Information)
Events Calendar
Special Events Manual

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