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A-Frame Request

A-Frame details:

  • Only signs on the approved template are allowed to be used.
  • On the day of your event, sign out the key to the RU Drive guardhouse or Centerville Turnpike guardhouse from Admin Services (ADM 116).
  • You may take the reserved number of A-frames out of the guardhouse to use for your event (there are 6 in each guardhouse). The door should remain locked at all times.
  • Affix your new sign to the A-frame with the magnets. No tape should be used, as it will pull off the paint.
  • You are responsible for placing the signs on the campus.
  • A-frames are not intended to be used on the exterior campus roads of Indian River, Centerville Turnpike, or RU Drive.
  • A-frames must be returned promptly to the guardhouse after your event, and the key must be returned promptly to ADM 116 and the door confirmed as locked.

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A-Frame Request
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