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Card B: $10,000 (Single) $25,000 (Monthly)

The Regent University purchasing card (Card B) program is available for staff members who need to travel routinely on university business. This card type will enable a traveler to charge airline tickets, hotel, entertainment, cab fare, etc., without needing to use personal funds and request reimbursement. The single transaction limit is set at $10,000 and should only be used for travel expenses only. Note: Special event planning not related to individual travel should be completed on a contract for services only.

All cardholder requestees are required to read, be familiar with, and adhere to the policies and procedures contained within the Purchasing Card Cardholder Guide.

To obtain a purchasing card the following steps must be satisfied:

  1. Read the Purchasing Card Cardholder Guide.
  2. Complete the Cardholder Guide Evaluation. This completed form is required for training.
  3. Complete the Purchasing Card Application. (All applications are subject to approval by Purchasing and Accounts Payable.) Please Do Not submit an application without first reading the Cardholder Guide.
  4. The purchasing department processes the application and receives  the credit card from JPMC. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for the credit card to arrive from JPMC Bank.
  5. The Program Administrator notifies cardholder and schedules a training session. Training includes policy and procedure overview and online reconciliation training and is required for all cardholders before the card is issued. Cardholder must bring the completed Evaluation form to training.
  6. Following training the cardholder will sign a Cardholder Agreement acknowledging compliance to the program. The purchasing department will retain this form for their records.
  7. Credit card is issued to Cardholder.

With the completion and processing of the Application, a purchasing card will be issued in the name of the employee. This card is for university business travel purposes only and may not be used for any personal transactions.

Review and Reconciliation of Monthly Statement

All cardholders are required to reconcile their statement online through the JPMC software called Smart Data Online (SDOL). The Cardholder Placemat provides instructions for online reconciliation. For processing instructions please see the Purchasing Card Cardholder Guide. Cost center managers may only approve expenses pertaining to their own department. If expenses are shared between cost centers, written approval via email authorizations must be obtained from the cost center manager of the cost center indicated on the statement summary.

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