When making travel arrangements for university business, employees must use the most economical means of travel. Regent owns a Toyota Camry that is available for local business travel.  Availability may be limited and reservations are required. View the policy and complete the request form here.

If the Camry is not available you may use your personal vehicle for local travel.  Travel will be reimbursed at $.545/mile. To receive the reimbursements please complete Expense Report.  For regional travel, it may be less expensive to rent a car than to use your personal vehicle at the current reimbursement rate. Please complete a cost comparison and select the cheapest means of travel. The university does not reimburse employees for parking tickets, fines for moving violations, vehicle towing charges, or damages to the personal auto for any reason.

If a trip of considerable distance is required, and the employee elects to drive instead of fly, the amount up to the equivalent of the airline coach class fare will be reimbursed.

Car Rentals

Regent University has instituted a driving policy for all Regent personnel who travel on university business. Please review the policy for full details.

Vehicle rentals necessary to conduct official university business is permitted only when a vehicle is absolutely necessary. Vehicle rentals for the purpose of transit between a port of arrival (airport) and destination (hotel); or intermediary leisure transit is not sufficient justification for rental. Vehicle rentals will not be considered for any travel where the conference or event is being held in or within reasonable walking distance of the hotel.

Procedural Guidelines:

  • All staff members reserving rental cars for university business may place the charges on their university MasterCard.
  • Car Size: Please reserve a Midsize/Intermediate sized car.  If your trip involves traveling or escorting multiple people (3 or more) then a larger vehicle may be reserved but appropriate justification should be documented and included in your SDOL online Expense Report. Other occasions may warrant a larger rental vehicle (e.g. moving an excessive amount of materials or moving equipment), however, it is subject to supervisor approval and an explanation/justification should be provided in your SDOL online expense report.
  • No car rental upgrades are permitted unless the company issues the upgrade free of charge.
  • No prepaid fuel charges or refueling fees are allowed. You are required to return the rental car with a full tank of gas; unless, a lower level was documented at the time the automobile was received. Please note during the walk-thru inspection the level of the gas tank and ensure it is documented with the company before you leave the site. You are only required to return the tank at the level you received it and should not be charged any additional costs.
  • No add-on GPS charges are allowed. Many free online navigational web services provide detailed travel instructions for travelers. Please print from these services any travel instructions/information needed for your trip. You may also obtain a map of your city/destination from the hotel guest services desk where you are staying. Note: Regent will allow GPS for certain cities where navigating is extremely difficult and there are multiple destinations in your itinerary. Such cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.
  • In most cases, no e-Toll or toll pass programs offered by rental car companies are permitted; however, the university will pay for e-Toll or toll pass programs in cities that have unmanned toll booths. The prepaid toll service should be declined in cities that have cash options for tolls.    
  • The university does not reimburse employees for parking tickets, fines for moving violations, or vehicle towing charges.

Regent university is a member of E & I (Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing) which is a cooperative that negotiates a plethora of national contracts for products and services for higher education only.

The E & I discount applies to four major car rental companies. Please contact the purchasing department at 352.4006 or for user code information. These codes can be entered on the company's website usually under the "corporate discount" section.

Enterprise - Usually will offer the greatest savings. 8% discount off the best rate at the time. Contact info: 800.736.8222 or For internet reservations on the "Corporate Account Sign In" screen, you must enter "(obtain code from Purchasing)" as the first three letters of the company name in order to view the E & I rates.

Budget - 5 - 40% off the best rate at the time. Contact info: 800.455.2848 or For internet reservations, click on rates & reservations. Enter location, date, and times information and in the "Rate Preference" (BCD) box, enter (obtain code from Purchasing). Be sure to select BCD rate button and not lowest fares button to access the E & I rates.

Avis - 5 - 40 % off the best rate at the time. Contact info: (USA) 800.698.5685 (INT) 800.331.1084 or For internet reservations, type in date, time, and location information on the "Make a Reservation" page and click the "Continue" button. On the "Rates and Discounts" page next to "Rate Type" select the "Check my corporate rate (AWD required below) button" and enter the AWD code (obtain code from Purchasing) in the field. This will access the E & I rates.

Hertz - 10% discount on standard Daily, Weekend, and Monthly rates. Contact info: (USA) 800.654.2200 (INT) 800.654.3001 or For internet reservations, type in location, date, and times and click the discount box. In the CDP field type (obtain code from Purchasing) and click continue to access the E & I discounted rates.

Our research found that Enterprise car rental, overall, offered the best discounted rates here and abroad. However, the purchasing department encourages employees to also try Budget and Avis. Sometimes the optimal 40% discount is available and will save the department several dollars in expenses.

The above discount rates also apply when making reservations online via a discount travel site, such as or On, click the "corporate or contracted rate" field and choose Enterprise and type in the above code. The E & I rates will automatically display and generally save an extra couple of dollars.

Regent has a separate negotiated contract with the Enterprise Indian River Road location (757.495.3678). Please provide the user code (obtain code from Purchasing) when making reservations. The renting of a Midsize/Intermediate car will typically cost between $30.00-$32.00. Please call ahead and confirm final rate with the company before pickup.

Required Walk-Through Inspection

A walk-around inspection of the vehicle with a representative of the car rental company before signing the agreement is required. For those who have their rental cars dropped off to the university, either you or someone you have designated from your department must inspect the car before signing off on the agreement and receiving the keys. Be sure to inspect the tires. If you find the tires to be rather low or even questionable, please do not take any unnecessary risk. Have the representative exchange the car for another.

If it is found that the employee did not complete a walk-around inspection of the vehicle before signing for the car and the university is billed, then any damage later claimed by the company will come directly out of that school or department's budget.

Returning the Vehicle

For those traveling locally and using the Enterprise Indian River location or other rental company please be advised that no late return fees will be paid by the university without appropriate justification. The person traveling is responsible to obtain the rental company/vendor's business hour information to ensure the car is returned during normal business hours. Car rental companies will have weekend drop-off information for your convenience. Compliance to this policy will prevent the university from being charged an extra day's rental. An employee must complete a return inspection with the rental companies' representative to ensure there are no damages to the car or to document any damage.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 5253 Indian River Road, Virginia Beach, is open weekdays until 6 p.m. and from 9 a.m. till noon on Saturdays. If you need to return the vehicle after-hours, you may leave it in the Enterprise parking lot, and put the key in the mailbox. Be sure to complete your own inspection before leaving the lot. It would be prudent to call them the next business day to let them know that you have returned the vehicle so you are properly credited.

Travel Insurance

When traveling on official university business and renting a vehicle, automobile INSURANCE FEES SHOULD BE WAIVED as the traveler is covered by Regent's insurance. Should insurance be purchased, Regent University will not reimburse the traveler for the expense.

All employees renting a vehicle and traveling on university business are required to carry with them a copy of the Regent University Auto Insurance ID Card and the Accident Brochure. These documents provide information on what to do in case of an accident. If you elect to drive your own vehicle and an accident occurs you will file automobile damages with your personal insurance.

In addition to auto insurance, Regent University's business travel coverage provides accidental death insurance, dismemberment insurance, and identity theft recovery assistance, while you are traveling on business for Regent University. This includes travel as a passenger on a regularly scheduled airline and/or Military Air Transport flights.

Please note, Travel Assistance services are provided by Worldwide Assistance Services Inc., a 24-hour toll-free emergency services line, which helps employees access emergency assistance when traveling on business 100 miles or more from home anywhere in the world.  A copy of the brochure explaining the specific services offered by Worldwide Assistance Services and a Travel Assistance ID card can be obtained from Human Resources.

Air or Rail Travel Arrangements

Travelers are required to use the most economical means of travel for university business. For air travel, online websites offer the best pricing. Sample websites are listed below for your convenience. You may choose to use a travel agent to make arrangements if your trip involves large groups which requires detailed research. Patty Chaney of Commonwealth Travel, Phone (757) 460-1003,, is a good source. Always remember to advise the booking agent that you are requesting travel for official Regent University business. University finances will benefit by receiving the lowest fares on official travel. Travelers may not purchase first class airline tickets. The person making the reservation should always request the lowest coach fare that is consistent with travel requirements. If you are booking personal travel, personal credit cards MUST be used to purchase tickets.

Paying for Your Air or Rail Travel Tickets

You may pay for travel tickets by:

  1. MasterCard Type B: This MasterCard has a single transaction limit of $10,000 so large airfare tickets will be covered.
  2. MasterCard Type A: You may use this MasterCard to pay for travel tickets; however, if the ticket purchase exceeds $1500, it will need to be processed by Purchasing. Use a Travel Request to list the purpose of the trip, destination, and amount of the ticket(s), obtain proper signature approvals on the form and forward to the Purchasing Office in ADM 116. The charge for your travel will be processed by the Purchasing Office.
  3. Personal Credit Card: You may use your personal credit card to charge travel expenses, and request a reimbursement with an Expense Report.



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