Auto & Travel Insurance/Accident Information

When traveling on official university business, automobile INSURANCE FEES SHOULD BE WAIVED as the traveler is covered by Regent's insurance. Should insurance be purchased, Regent University will not reimburse the traveler for the expense.

All employees traveling on university business are required to carry with them a copy of the Regent University Auto Insurance ID Card and the Accident Brochure. These documents provide information on what to do in case of an accident. If you elect to drive your own vehicle and an accident occurs you will file automobile damages with your personal insurance.

In addition to auto insurance, Regent University's business travel coverage provides accidental death insurance, dismemberment insurance, and identity theft recovery assistance, while you are traveling on business for Regent University. This includes travel as a passenger on a regularly scheduled airline and/or Military Air Transport flights.

Please note, Travel Assistance services are provided by Worldwide Assistance Services Inc., a 24-hour toll-free emergency services line, which helps employees access emergency assistance when traveling on business 100 miles or more from home anywhere in the world.  A copy of the brochure explaining the specific services offered by Worldwide Assistance Services and a Travel Assistance ID card can be obtained from human resources.