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Office Supplies

Offic Max

Office Max is the only approved office supplies vendor for Regent University. The university has established a contract with Office Max which provides supplies on an average at 40% less than catalog prices. Also, Office Max rebates Regent 1% on total purchases, provided at least 65% of those purchases are ordered via the website. Monthly summary reports are sent to cost center managers for accurate accounting of purchases.

Office Max offers ease of ordering through their website ( Contact the purchasing coordinator ( to receive the first-time user name and password.

Regent University has established the policy that graduate assistants, temporary employees and part-time employees will not be authorized to set up an Office Max account in their name. This is because a) GA's, temporary employees and part-time employees do not have authorization to purchase on behalf of their cost center and b) when packages are delivered to mail services, mail services does not know where to deliver the package on campus, since these employee categories are not listed in the Employee/Faculty directory.

Ordering Procedures

1. To place an order, access Office Max website at:

2. For new users, a first time registration user name and password are required.

    You may obtain the instructions by emailing the purchasing coordinator


3. Browse the catalog, and place your order online.

4. Receive e-mail to confirm your order.

5. Orders placed by 4:00 p.m. will be delivered by noon on the next business day,

    provided that the items are in stock. Merchandise will be delivered to

    mail services and forwarded to cost centers during regular mail deliveries.

Note: Items not listed on the web may be requested in the special order section found on the site. Be sure to provide a complete part or item number and a brief description. Actual pricing for these items may be obtained from Office Max by calling 800.472.6473. Please contact for account number.

Receiving Orders

The following procedures enable accounts payable to accurately record and remit timely payments to Office Max.

1. When supply orders are received, check the packing slip to ensure that

    the charges, as well as the contents, are correct. accounts payable

    does not verify unit prices but rather relies on cost centers to do this task.

2. Sign, date and forward the packing slip to accounts payable (ADM 140).

    The packing slip or picking ticket is an important document for accounts payable.

    This document is used to verify monthly charges of each cost center with

    the invoice sent by Office Max. Missing packing slips result in a slower payment

    to the vendor, thus prompt forwarding of packing slips to accounts payable

    is necessary.

3. If returning items becomes necessary or incorrect items are received, contact

    Office Max at 800.472.6473 within 5 business days to receive a return

    authorization number. The customer service representative will ask for the

    packing slip number. Be prepared to give this number prior to calling.

    Write the return authorization number on the packing slip and make a

    copy of it. Attach the copy to the merchandise and send to Regent

    mail services for pick up by Office Max. Forward the original packing

    slip to accounts payable. All returns must be made within five

    business days. Special order items may require a small

    restocking fee.

4. When orders are returned, cost centers will receive a credit

    memo issued by Office Max. Please follow up with accounts

    payable to ensure that credit is received.

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