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All university contracts for services that involve university funds or service obligations require final signature authorization by the purchasing manager. The cost center manager's signature authorizes the expenses of the contract to be charged to their department budget, but does not obligate the university to the contract terms.

Please allow at least two weeks for Purchasing to adequately review and negotiate the terms of contracts. Complex contracts may require as much as one month to process.

To process a contract for service the following steps must be satisfied:

  1. The department initiating the contract must ensure the following information is included:
    • Name, address and Social Security number or Federal Tax ID number of individual/company providing the service.
    • Detailed description of service to be provided, including any supplies necessary to complete the service.
    • Start/end date and time service(s) are to be provided.
    • Itemized invoice of services to be completed, if applicable.
  2. On the final page of the contract the initiator should include the following information:
    • A signature from the initiating department agreeing to the contract terms.
    • An authorized signature from the cost center manager.
    • Cost center, account code, and activity code (if applicable) information.
    • A total or an estimated cost of the services rendered.
  3. The contract initiator will forward the completed contract to Purchasing for approval. The contract may be sent electronically or hard-copy.
  4. The purchasing manager will review and either revise and/or approve the contract and return the contract to the initiator. Note: Contracts may also be reviewed by Regent's general counsel. Please allow adequate time for review.
  5. The initiator will contact the vendor with any revisions or proposed edits to the contract.
  6. Once contract is finalized between the vendor and Regent, the initiator will obtain a signature from the vendor and forward the signed copy to Purchasing.
    Note: A final/completed contract must contain three signatures; the vendor, cost center manager, and the purchasing manager. All final signatures are required for process of payment.
  7. Purchasing will sign and fax/e-mail the final contract to the vendor and forward the contract to accounts payable for payment.
  8. A final signed copy of the contract is available to the initiator upon request.
  9. Often a contract will require a certificate of insurance from Regent. The Purchasing Office will secure this certificate for the contract. COI requirements must be clear, either in the contract or on a separate form, to aid in securing the COI.

For questions regarding an independent contractor, please contact Human Resources.

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