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The Founders Inn and Spa  

The Founders Inn and Spa is an upscale hotel and resort located on the Regent campus. 


To plan a conference or reserve rooms for your group, contact Kathy Ruley, 757.352.4849 or through e-mail at The Founders Inn will provide a contract for their services, which must be submitted to Purchasing for approval at least two weeks prior to the event.


To obtain a quote for catering services for your special event, event planners should contact Kathy Ruley, at 757.352.4849 or through e-mail at The Founders Inn will provide a contract for their services which must be submitted to Purchasing for approval at least one week prior to the event.  

Regent Guest Lodging

Guests will not be allowed to charge any room, meals, telephone calls or incidentals to Regent University unless The Founders Inn and Spa receives an authorization number from Purchasing authorizing specific services that may be billed to Regent. When making reservations, you may use the Online Reservation Form (preferred) or dial 757-366-5700 or e-mail Becky Wood -

The following fields must be completed:


Lodging for Incoming Regent Guests

The preferred method for reserving rooms for Founders Inn is to access the on-line Regent customized reservation page



  • Check in
  • Check out
  • Nights
  • Rooms
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Promo Code has already been entered (Regency)
  • Continue


  • Select Rate or Package


  • (if applicable, if not then skip)


  • Guest First Name
  • Guest Last Name
  • Your e-mail address
  • City, State, Zip & Phone


  • Name on Card (your name)
  • Card Number 4444333322221111 (this is a fake credit card number, enter it without any spaces)
  • Expiration Date (any date within the next three years)
  • Cards accepted (VISA)


  • Cost center & account code
  • School/Department hosting guest
  • Regent University does not pay for alcoholic beverages
  • What Regent is paying for - RT (Room & Tax) - RTM (Room, Tax, Meals) - RTMS (Room, Tax, Meal, Shuttle). - Please inform your guest what Regent is paying for and that Regent does not pay for any alcohol
  • You must state a description/reason why the guest is visiting.  This is an IRS requirement for auditing purposes.


At this point Founders should e-mail you a confirmation number with the following information:

       a. Name of the Guest

       b. Number in Party

       c. Date(s) of Lodging

       d. Room Rate

       e. Reservation Number

       f. Costs covered by Regent: (Indicate all that apply) Room/Tax/Meals/Shuttle

Please forward this reservation confirmation to Purchasing ( with the approval from a Cost Code approver as well as a cost code. This must be submitted 5 days prior to the guests arrival

Any changes to your approved reservation must be communicated to Purchasing immediately. Do not contact Founders Inn personnel. This update must come through the Purchasing Department.  No changes to any reservation 24 hours prior to guests arrival.

If you have any questions please call Dawn Wright 757.352.4006


If unable to access the internet reservation page, a Regent Representative should contact The Founders Inn and Spa Reservations Representative Becky Wood - 757-366-5700. Callers must identify themselves as Regent University representatives while making reservations for incoming Regent guests.



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