The Founders Inn and Spa

The Founders Inn and Spa is an upscale hotel and resort located on the beautiful campus of Regent University. The hotel, which is owned and operated by Regent University, has the first right of refusal for all on-campus conferences, upscale catering events, and lodging for Regent guests. For more information please click on the appropriate link below.


To plan a conference or reserve rooms for your group at The Founders Inn and Spa, contact Becky Wood, 757.366.5767 or The Founders Inn will provide a contract for their services which must be submitted to Purchasing for approval at least four (4) weeks prior to the event. If you are planning or hosting a conference on Regent University's campus you will contact Becky Wood for any group guest room reservations needed. For more information on hosting a conference on Regent's campus click here.


To obtain a quote for catering services for your special event at The Founders Inn and Spa, contact Becky Wood, 757.366.5767 or The Founders Inn will provide a contract for their services which must be submitted to Purchasing for approval at least one (1) week prior to the event.

For all on-campus catering the Regent Ordinary has the first right of refusal. The Regent Ordinary representative will instruct the event planner if The Founders Inn and Spa is available for on-campus catering when applicable. Only when the Regent Ordinary in collaboration with The Founders Inn and Spa have declined your on-campus catering event, may you obtain three (3) quotes from off-site catering vendors. Please click here to access the Off-site Caterers policy.

Regent Guest Lodging

When Regent University is paying for special guest lodging all reservations should be coordinated through The Founders Inn and Spa Online Reservation Form. Completion of the online reservation form is required for all guest reservations. Please Do Not call direct.

Regent guest lodging for The Founders Inn and Spa is centrally billed and requires the Purchasing department's authorization. A confirmation of the reservation will be sent to the email address provided by the end user who submitted the request. The confirmation should then be forwarded to Purchasing for approval and processing. Purchasing provides The Founders Inn and Spa an authorization number approving specific services that may be billed to the University's central account. Guests will not be allowed to charge any room, meals or shuttle to Regent University unless The Founders Inn and Spa receives an authorization number from Purchasing.

When The Founders Inn and Spa is unable to accommodate the date for your guest reservation you may then access any travel site to secure the best local hotel pricing available for the date(s) of stay.

Lodging Instructions for Incoming Regent Guests

Click the Online Reservation Form

At the top of The Founders Inn and Spa, Tapestry Collection home page complete the following steps:

  • Click on the CALENDAR icon and enter the guest(s) date of stay.
  • Click on ADVANCED SEARCH and enter the total number of rooms needed and guests staying.
  • Under GROUP CODE enter “regent.” Keep all other fields blank.
  • Click the CHECK RATES box.
  • Evaluate which bed type/rate from the options available and then click the QUICK BOOK box under the bed type/rate you are choosing
  • REQUIRED Complete the Payment Information.
    • In the Card Number field, type in 4444333322221111 (This fake number is REQUIRED for the automated system to process reservation payment to our central bill.)
    • In the Expiration Date field, click the year field and make it one year in advance of the current date. This allows for the reservation to process.
  • Enter your guest information. Click ADD ADDITIONAL GUEST NAMES if applicable.
  • REQUIRED: Click on ADD SPECIAL REQUESTS. NOTE: The field says it is “optional” but it is a REQUIRED FIELD.
  • REQUIRED: Under ADDITIONAL COMMENTS include the following:
    • Cost Center & Account Code
    • School/Department hosting guest & the name of the person submitting the request.
    • A description/explanation why the guest is visiting. This is an IRS requirement for auditing purposes.
    • Expenses Regent is paying for-RT (Room & Tax) - RTM (Room, Tax, and Meals) - RTMS (Room, Tax, Meals, and Shuttle). Please inform your guest exactly what Regent is paying for and that Regent does not pay for any alcohol, telephone calls, or incidentals. These are the responsibility of the guest.
    • REQUIRED: Include the verbiage Regent University Does Not pay for alcoholic beverages. This is so The Founders Inn and Spa know to secure payment from your guest if any charges are related to alcohol.
  • Click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page.
  • You’ll receive an email from “Tapestry Collection by Hilton Confirmed” that will include a confirmation code. Review your reservation and be sure all of the information is accurate for your guest and the information in the ADDITIONAL COMMENTS FIELD is accurate.

REQUIRED: Please forward this reservation confirmation to Purchasing ( with the approval from your cost center manager or supervisor. This approval must be from someone who is authorized to sign for the cost center listed in the room reservation. Submission required five (5) days prior to the guest(s) arrival. Founders Inn will NOT process your reservation until they receive an authorization code from Purchasing.

Any changes that are needed after receiving the confirmation number must be communicated to Purchasing immediately. Do not contact Founders Inn personnel. Changes to reservations will be communicated by the Purchasing Department. No changes are permitted to any reservation 24 hours prior to guest(s) arrival.

If you have any questions please email or call 757.352.4006.