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Office Moves

Please see the Furniture & Furnishings Policy before completing this form. Complete this work order for large inter-office moves only. Do not use this form for moving one piece of furniture, for moving some boxes, or to order boxes. Please use the regular work order form for these types of needs.

If adding, changing, or deleting anything from the workspace, first contact Facility Services at 352.4084 so a feasibility analysis can be completed. We must insure that the requested changes will adhere to ADA requirements and local fire code requirements. Please see bottom of this form for further information.


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Office Moves Request
  1. Within the same suite
  2. Enter room #:
  3. To a new suite
  4. Enter room #:
  5. Yes

    If yes, complete computer move form
  6. Yes

    If yes, complete additional LAN form
  7. Yes

    If yes, complete telephone move form
  8. Yes

    If yes, complete additional phone/fax line form
  9. Yes

  10. Office Move Work Orders are required to be submitted in full at least four weeks in advance. We will try to accommodate you and coordinate the different facets of your move as much as possible. Please be advised that all the departments involved will confirm separately whether your desired move date is available.
  11. If you wish to move to a space that has not been occupied by your school or department previously, the following must be answered and submitted with your request, in writing, to Rich Jemiola, director of Facilities and Engineering, ADM 154.

    - Room number of requested space
    - Square footage of requested space
    - Reason for requested move
    - Requirements (ie. enlarge space, put up wall, move door)
    - Number of employees involved
    - Employment level of employees involved
    (ie. director, faculty, administrative?)

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