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Driving Policy

This policy documents the requirements for employees and students who drive University-owned and rental vehicles for Regent University-related business. Employees (including full- or part-time students) must possess a valid driver's license, appropriate for the type of vehicle being driven and which allows them to operate that vehicle in the state where it is to be used. Non-employed students must possess a valid driver's license from the Commonwealth of Virginia, state of legal residence, or the District of Columbia appropriate for the type of vehicle being driven. Regent must be able to verify three years' acceptable driving history in the U. S. While this policy does not include a comprehensive list, the following matters constitute unacceptable records:

  • two or more at-fault accidents and/or other moving violations in the past twelve months (moving violations include speeding, failure to yield, improper driving, failure to obey traffic signs or signals, etc.)
  • three or more at-fault accidents and/or other moving violations in the past three years
  • one or more major violations in the past five years (major violations are defined as: DUI/DWI, criminal conviction (felony, negligent homicide, manslaughter, hit and run, etc.), or reckless driving
  • driving without a valid license or with a revoked/suspended license

Regent University reserves the right to check and evaluate driver histories on an annual basis. Any driver found to have an unacceptable driving record will be contacted immediately and may not be permitted to drive for Regent-related business. The individual's supervisor will be notified if driving privileges are denied.

It is the operator's responsibility to notify Administrative Services immediately of any changes in his/her driving record, loss of driving privileges, restrictions or suspensions placed upon his/her driver's license. Revocation or suspension of an employee's driver's license may result in the loss of employment for employees who are required to drive as a part of their job responsibilities.

A university driver who has been convicted or has pled guilty to DUI/DWI or an offense of similar magnitude (see examples of major violations above), will not be permitted to operate any vehicle, including a personal vehicle, on university business at a minimum, until that offense is completely cleared from the person's record, regardless of whether or not the person's license has been reissued or they have been issued a work permit.

Using a hand-held cell phone or engaging in any distracting activity while driving on Regent business is strictly prohibited. Driving privileges will be revoked for any individual engaged in unsafe driving habits.

Employees and students who drive rental vehicles on behalf of Regent University must carry a copy of the Accident Information Pamphlet and Insurance ID Card, available online. These documents are also located in the glove box of each University-owned vehicle and list the Regent vehicle insurance company name, policy number, policy expiration date and phone number. If you are involved in an accident, no matter how minor, you must report it immediately to Hanover Insurance Company at (800) 628-0250. Secondly, you must report the accident to Administrative Services/Purchasing at (757) 352-4006 or

All motor vehicle or parking violations received while driving on university business are the responsibility of the driver. Nothing in this policy changes the at-will nature of the employment relationship. Violation of this policy may subject the employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

All university drivers must have an accurate Authorization Form on file to authorize annual driver history checks. Submit this signed Authorization Form to Administrative Services, Admin 116.

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