Study Abroad to Russia 2017

Thursday May 18th-Friday May 26th

9 days - Moscow, St. Petersburg

Russia welcomes you to discover what has previously remained a mystery for years.

Find yourself amid chapters of folkloric tradition, imperial intrigue, European engagement, a Communist revolution, Cold War politics and the nation's resurgence as a modern power. The time has come to wander through Russia in this exciting week-long journey.

  • Your price includes round-trip airfare for your whole group
  • 7 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms
  • Land and water transportation
    Regional-style meals
  • Light breakfast daily
    End-to-end support
  • Your expert Local Guides are natural historians, adding cultural insight and enhancing teaching moments wherever your curriculum takes you. Guided sightseeing
  • Gain insider knowledge and cultural perspective from licensed local guides who join your group for select experiences on tour.
  • Kremlin (with cathedral), Armory Palace Museum, Hermitage/Winter Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg History Museum;
    Worldwide support, safety and security
  • Flexible payment options

This tour is being facilitated complete by an approved third party vendor named Education First. All questions and concerns should directed to them or the team leader Professor Mary Manjikian.


How much does the trip cost?

EF’s nine-day program costs 3800 dollars which includes RT airfare from Norfolk, Hotel Accomodations and transfers from the airport in Moscow and St. Petersburg, train fare from Moscow to St. Petersburg, all admissions to museums and attractions in Moscow and St. Petersburg and breakfast.  If you wish to receive academic credit, this will be paid separately to Regent University.

The twelve-day program costs 4800 dollars and includes all this plus travel to Estonia in the Baltic, as well as a ferry ride to Helsinki from Estonia.

Do a need a visa to participate in this program?

Yes, a visa is required to visit Russia.  Procuring a visa is handled through the travel agency.  You will need a valid passport with at least six months of use left on it  in order to obtain a visa.

Can online students participate in this trip?

Yes, in fact this is a great way to get to know your fellow online and on campus students.  You can also work with EF to adjust your ‘gateway cities’ if you need to fly in and out of the west coast, for example.  This will change your ticket price slightly.

Can I participate if I am a foreign student?

Yes, EF will work with you to make sure that you have the proper visas and eligibility.

Can I use financial aid to pay for the trip?

You can use your financial aid to pay for academic credits which you wish to receive through Regent University in conjunction with this trip.  It may be possible to apply any financial aid you receive through the university only to trip costs, but this will occur on a case by case basis. 

In addition, EF will allow you to set up an account where you can pay for your trip on monthly installments.

When do I need to decide if I wish to participate?

The initial one-hundred dollar deposit will be due on September 22. 

Why should I visit Russia with Regent students and faculty in particular?

We will be customizing this trip and its activities so that they are of particular interest to our students.  We hope to include a meeting with a Christian parliamentarian, a human rights lawyer, a visit to a monastery and the opportunity to participate in a religious service.

Is this really going to happen?

We need to have at least 11 students committed in order to go forward with this plan.  Thus, it’s important that you indicate your interest as soon as possible.

My husband/wife/older child/mom or other person would also like to participate in this program.  Is this possible?

Yes.  Students will be housed four to a room and therefore, if you bring family members you will likely pay a supplement of up to four hundred dollars to change your accomodations to a double room.  (You can also pay for a single or double without additional family members if you just want more privacy).
Anyone who accompanies students on this tour needs to know that it will be an active adventure with lots of walking, some early mornings and late nights.  Thus, we recommend that you be in good health and wear sensible shoes.

What if I want to stay on in Moscow or St. Petersburg after the program to do some additional tourism?

EF has the ability to change your ticket for two hundred dollars so that you can either extend your time in these places or even fly out of a different ‘gateway’ in Europe.  Our EF tour representative will help you to make these arrangements.

Whether or not you are interested in participating, we would appreciate it if you take the survey here .  If you are interested, please leave your name and e-mail address in the comments so we can follow up with you as soon as possible.
For on campus students, we will have a meeting to discuss the program in more detail in mid-September.  Details about this meeting will follow.

Course Information

GOV 646:  Special Topics in Government and Politics (1):  Politics and Religion in Contemporary Russia.

  • Course materials include:
    Anne Garrels.  Putin Country:  A Journey into Real Russia
  • Arkady Ostrovsky.  The Invention of Russia;  From Gorbachev’s Freedom to Putin’s War
  • Nathaniel Davis.  A long Walk to Church:  A Contemporary History of Russian Orthodoxy
  • Wallace Daniel.  The Orthodox Church and Civil Society in Russia
  • Walter Ciszek, SJ.  He Leadeth Me:  An Extraordinary Testimony of Faith
At the end of this program (9 day trip and 8 week online course taught during Session E), students will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the politics and culture of Russia
  • Compare and contrast the position of religion in tsarist, Soviet and post-Soviet Russia
  • Describe the legal position of Religion in Russia, including the topic of evangelization, in contemporary Russia
  • Analyze the role of the church in building and restoring civil society

*Please be aware that if you choose to participate in this study abroad trip, you will be required to sign an International Assumption of Risk and Release form mandated by Regent University. Please see attached for more details.

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