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Leadership Institutes


The Leadership Institutes serve as an intensive leadership development program designed to address specific needs for leaders at varying levels and contexts. From seasoned executives to new and emerging leaders, The Leadership Institutes bring together individuals for a dynamic experience to equip them to be effective and to realize their full leadership potential.

Offered throughout the year in multiple locations, each leadership institute is held in small cohort settings for three to five days. At the institutes, individuals are able to engage other experienced leadership mentors and professional coaches in a range of assessment and development sessions designed to transform behavior and increase personal efficacy. Choose from seven leadership institutes listed below to determine the program best suited for you or your executive leadership team.

Emerging Leaders Institue


With practical insight, tools and understanding at the core, this program is designed to unleash the potential within every new and aspirational leader.

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International Leadership Institute


Participants will learn about leading in a global context and navigating the challenges they will encounter in that arena. Read more ►

Pastoral Leadership Institute


Customized for pastors, this institute is designed to provide the most dynamic and relevant training to pastors who are strategically positioned to grow their ministries to another level for Kingdom purposes. Read more ►

Women's Leadership Institute


Women often possess natural abilities to lead. This dynamic program provides intensive sessions to refine effective leadership behaviors and competencies. Read more ►

Global Leaders Institute


This in-depth three day program offeres an assessment, leadership intensives and experiential learning to further equip leaders to be more effective in global practice. Read more ►

Leadership Sanctuary

Leadership Sanctuary Image

The Leadership Sanctuary is a special offering reserved for leaders who need a place for restoration and refuge. Read more ►

Urban Leadership Institute


Urban leadership has its own unique challenges. This program equips and empowers leaders to effectively engage their communities and partners to bring sustainable renewal and development. Read more ►