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September 28, 2013 - April 11, 2014

Entire Certificate:
12.7 CEUs

Individual Course: $249
Full Certificate: $1,245

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K12 Cultural Diversity Certificate


September 28, 2013 - April 11, 2014

Online and On Campus
Entire Certificate: 12.7 CEUs

Certificate Description:

Course Descriptions:

  • CPC270 - Predominant Issues in School Discipline/The Implications of Personal Culture
    This course provides an overview of the primary issues in school discipline and their relationship to cultural constructs. By exploring the strengths and weaknesses of current discipline practices, influences of verbal/non-verbal communication, and components of personal culture, students will become familiar with the key factors affecting the success of classroom discipline.
  • CPC271 - Interpretation of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Patterns
    Diving deeper, this course guides students in a comprehensive examination of the specific ways that culture impacts communication. Here, variances in communication styles along with the meanings behind verbal and nonverbal cues will be explored.
  • CPC272 - Cultural Conflict
    This course provides learners with a comprehensive outline of the dynamics of cultural conflict. Students will examine the negative outcomes resulting from such clashes, with a particular focus on their consequences for minority children.
  • CPC273 - Challenging Perceptions/Classroom Strategies
    Following the “Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Patterns” course, this class continues in the exploration of personal culture. Participants will be given opportunities to examine their own culture and beliefs, while also gaining insights about the context surrounding cultural differences.
  • CPC274 - Initiating Cultural Change for Education (optional)
    Students taking this course will acquire the tools necessary to kick-start cultural change within their organization. Looking first at the barriers inhibiting such change, they will then examine practical methods for overcoming said challenges and creating a sustainable cultural transformation.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed to:

  1. respond to the Secretary of Education's call for teacher preparation for diverse student populations;
  2. address the disproportionate representation of diverse student populations for school discipline; and
  3. provide day to day strategies for teachers.

The program is drawn from the research of Dr. Hope Murphy, who found a significant result for the variables of teachers' cultural awareness and student discipline. There are a total of five (5) modules with four (4) required modules and one (1) optional module.

Each module lasts for 3-4 weeks and concludes with a culminating activity. There is a journaling requirement for each module. The purpose of this certificate program is to prepare teachers to effectively interact with diverse student populations.



This certificate includes these courses:

  • CPC270 - Predominant Issues in School Discipline/The Implications of Personal Culture - 3.15 CEUs

    This module summarizes the predominate issues in school discipline.

    1. Explore predominant diversity issues in school discipline
    2. Identify types of school discipline that are influenced by verbal and non-verbal communication
    3. Provide an overview of the disproportionate representation of black male students for school discipline
    4. Explore the construct of personal culture
    5. Examine available discipline data
    6. Understand potential outcomes of current practice
  • CPC271 - Interpretation of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Patterns - 1.2 CEUs

    This module increases teachers' understanding of the cultural aspect of communication. Components of this module will assist educators in their ability to interpret students' verbal and nonverbal communication. (3 week module)

    1. Explain the cultural dimension of communication
    2. Distinguish styles of communication
    3. Understand verbal and nonverbal communication
  • CPC272 - Cultural Conflict - 1.25 CEUs

    This module explores the implications of cultural conflict. (optional)(3 week module)

    1. Exploration of the dynamics of cultural conflict
    2. Identification of negative outcomes of cultural conflict
    3. Addresses implications for minority children
  • CPC273 - Challenging Perceptions/Classroom Strategies - 5.1 CEUs

    This module is a continuation of the personal culture exploration process begun in Module 3. (4 week module)

    1. Create opportunities for teachers to explore their personal culture
    2. Create opportunities for teachers to explore their beliefs
    3. Present the context of cultural difference
  • CPC274 (Optional) - Initiating Cultural Change in Education - 1.27 CEUs

    This module provides leaders in education with the necessary tools to initiate cultural change within their organizations.(4 week intensive module)

    1. Discuss concrete ways to initiate cultural change
    2. Provide research based barriers to cultural change
    3. Provide research based methods to sustain cultural change

      Learning Outcomes:

      Upon completion of this program, educators will be better prepared to:

      1. understand the predominant issues surrounding diversity;
      2. explore personal culture and the way that it influences student discipline;
      3. assist educators in their ability to interpret students' verbal and nonverbal communication patterns;
      4. understand the implications of cultural conflict; and to
      5. practice classroom strategies for the diverse classroom.

      Workshop Objectives

      Regent Difference


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Registration Price:

Professional/General Registration: $49

Current Regent University Students Registration(ID Required at Event): $39

Cost: $199
September 21, 2013

Program Schedule:

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September 28, 2013 - April 11, 2014

Relevant References:

"Student Perceptions of Disciplinary Conflict in Ethnically Diverse Classrooms"; an article that emphasizes the priority of understanding the impact of cultural diversity on classroom discipline

NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education) upholds standards that reflect cultural diversity as one of its compliance measures.


Dr. Hope Murphy