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Graduate Worship Program

Regent University offers graduate-level worship programs that combine the expertise and experience of world-class worship leaders with the core of a degree in practical theology. Both the Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degree programs contain a Worship & Renewal Concentration that is comprised of five core courses. Other worship-related courses are available as electives. Read about the courses below and complete a Request Information or Apply Now form today.

Worship & Renewal Core Courses

Worship in Everyday Life
This course explores worship in spiritual development and effectiveness for ministry; corporate expression and experience, and missional application. A proper understanding of what worship is and a theology of worship are paramount to our own spiritual development and effectiveness in ministry. Worship has the unique ability to open people up to experience and encounter God in a fresh way.

Worship: Biblical Perspectives
This course explores the nature, forms and functions of worship in Scripture, and their contemporary relevance. For more than 2,000 years, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has stewarded the privileged responsibility of "Spirit and truth" worship. An understanding and appreciation for this rich tapestry helps us to remain culture current without compromise as we seek new ways to express our love for the Lord.

Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs
This course explores worship forms based on Scripture, testimony and spontaneous expressions through the Holy Spirit as well as songwriting for the church. Particular emphasis will be given to the Psalms as the first "hymnbook of Israel," the hymns of mankind written to both glorify God and teach theology, and spiritual songs that are given by the Holy Spirit to encourage, edify and exalt the Lord.

Worship: Contemporary Worship
This course explores creative liturgies that provide opportunities to encounter the Holy. It includes liturgical development, current trends and worship curating. The goal of liturgy ultimately is sacred space—God's habitation within the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3/Matthew 18:20). Particular attention will be given to the vast variety of art and media forms that can be incorporated into a worship experience.

The Worship Leader
This course explores planning, platform and personal communication skills as well as worship team management. Worship leading is more than a position within the local assembly; it is a spiritual calling for which one must be both gifted and equipped.

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