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Registration Information

The College of Arts & Sciences offers six, 8-week sessions throughout the academic year. Each session is identified by a letter, "A" through "F".

It is important to consult the Academic Calendar new window to know when registration is open for each session and avoid any late-registration penalties. The Academic Calendar will also provide you with the dates for the first and last day of each session. As a new student, you should review each of the links below for additional information regarding the registration process. Please consult with your Academic Advisor should you need any additional assistance.

Academic Calendar

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How do I register for classes?

First, review the semester schedule. Secondly, write down the CRNs for the dates and times that work for you. Lastly, begin class registration in Genisys. To learn more

Students who have not attended or logged into a class, will, at the end of the second week of the session/semester - in accordance with university practice - be assumed to have unofficially dropped and will be administratively dropped from that class.