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The Right Orientation For You!

Regent University facilitates several different orientations in order to meet the needs of our students who start classes at different times of the year, from different locations, and in different phases of life. Answer the questions below to select the best-fit orientation experience. If you have any questions, or are still unsure which orientation would best fit you, please contact us at

Qualifying questions and options:

  1. Where will you be living when you take classes?
    • Near or on the campus in Virginia Beach, VA
    • At a distance farther than a comfortable commute
  2. Will you take your classes primarily online or at our campus in Virginia Beach?
    • Online
    • At the Virginia Beach campus
  3. Are you beginning as a freshman or as a transfer student?
    • Freshman (no college credit earned after graduating high school)
    • Transfer student (have taken college course(s) after graduating high school)
  4. Select your age group
    • 22 years of age or younger
    • Between 23 and 25 years of age
    • 26 years of age or older
  5. Select the option which most closely reflects your intended college experience.
    • Full-time or near full-time course load; involved in campus student organizations and activities; work part-time job 25 hours or less; few family responsibilities
    • Part-time course load; not involved on campus much (if at all); full-time work is a life priority; significant family responsibilities
  6. In which semester will you start classes?
    • Fall (August-December)
    • Spring (January-April)
    • Summer (May-July)


Regent 411

Regent 411 is a brief 2-3 hour event that includes an informative and interactive campus tour, a video presentation, and a Q&A session with campus services representatives.

Maximize Regent

Maximize Regent Power Skills is a 3-hour adult learner "crash-course" seminar designed to help busy adult learners to acquire or refresh powerful skills that support a successful academic experience.


Summer Orientation Advising & Registration (SOAR) is for students coming to Regent as freshmen in the fall semester.1 Get connected with other students, view the residence halls, meet with their academic advisor, and get ready for the fall. Parents are encouraged to attend this June event.

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1 - Freshmen have not attended another college or university after graduating from high school or homeschool. Some freshmen may have credits from early college or advanced placement programs. If you are unsure, contact Academic Advising.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is for students starting in the fall, who will live on or near campus. Move-in Day and six orientation days full of activities, seminars, and time getting to know your peers!

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Keys to Successful Learning at Regent (KEYS) is a self-paced, no-cost, non-credit online orientation available through Blackboard.

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