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Spanish Residential Language Community Application

The following are the requirements for the 2014-2015 Spanish Residential Language Community program. A completed and submitted application signifies that the applicant understands the requirements of the program and is committed to abide by the program's requirements and policies.

Application Requirements

  1. Must be a single, undergraduate, on campus student, between the ages of 18 and 24 at Regent University
  2.  Must demonstrate a Spanish language oral proficiency level of Intermediate Mid for entrance into the program.
    • According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, speakers at the Intermediate-Mid level are able to handle successfully a variety of uncomplicated communicative tasks in straightforward social situations. Conversation is generally limited to those predictable and concrete exchanges necessary for survival in the target culture; these include personal information covering self, family, home, daily activities, interests and personal preferences, as well as physical and social needs, such as food, shopping, travel and lodging. Intermediate-Mid speakers tend to function reactively, for example, by responding to direct questions or requests for information. However, they are capable of asking a variety of questions when necessary to obtain simple information to satisfy basic needs, such as directions, prices and services. When called on to perform functions or handle topics at the Advanced level, they provide some information but have difficulty linking ideas, manipulating time and aspect, and using communicative strategies, such as circumlocution. Intermediate-Mid speakers are able to express personal meaning by creating with the language, in part by combining and recombining known elements and conversational input to make utterances of sentence length and some strings of sentences. Their speech may contain pauses, reformulations and self-corrections as they search for adequate vocabulary and appropriate language forms to express themselves. Because of inaccuracies in their vocabulary and/or pronunciation and/or grammar and/or syntax, misunderstandings can occur, but Intermediate-Mid speakers are generally understood by sympathetic interlocutors accustomed to dealing with non-natives.
  3. Non-fluent speakers must enroll in a full-year of Spanish language courses based on language proficiency level (SPAN 210, 211 or 310, 311)
  4. Must complete a total of four (4) credit hours in language and culture coursework and co-curricular learning activities
  5. Must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in all Spanish language courses and language and culture coursework once accepted into the program
  6. Must abide by all guidelines and policies of Regent Village student apartments and the Regent University Student Handbook
  7. Must complete a personal interview with program director

Application Form

Space is limited and we expect this program to fill quickly. Applications are due as soon as possible.

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