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Regent Undergraduate Council Hosts 2nd Annual "Culture in the Commons"

November 17, 2009

Culture in the Commons

Amidst International Education Week, the Regent Undergraduate Council (RUC), in partnership with the Regent Commons Resident Assistant (RA) staff, hosted the 2nd Annual "Culture in the Commons," a progressive dinner experience highlighting six different countries, including Spain, Thailand, Rwanda, Trinidad, Italy and the Philippines. Participants were treated like travelers, receiving a stamp in their "passport" for each country they visited.

Suites were adorned with the sights, sounds and tastes of different countries. Flags and other paraphernalia hung on the walls. Music and the aroma from the country’s native food filled the air. Delectable dishes like eggplant parmesan, bruschetta, maja blanca, biko, and curry rice pleased the palates of approximately 75 travelers.

Three categories of awards were distributed: the Philippines, prepared by Charissa Pajaron, earned "Best Cuisine;" Italy, hosted by Sarah Ritchie and several friends, earned "Best Vibe;" and Rwanda, prepared by Leila Murenzi, earned "Traveler’s Choice."

Molly Eccles, who is both an RA and the President of RUC, reflected upon the evening stating, "The event exceeded our expectations. The food was amazing, and seeing students interact with the cooks and the culture made it feel like we achieved some unity through diversity." One traveler humorously remarked, "My stomach is swimming in culture!"

Culture in the Commons is just one example of how the Regent community has embodied the RU Global campaign, which holds intercultural understanding and engagement as part of its core tenets. However, the event was not contrived based on this campaign. "The event was borne out of the Undergraduate Council’s sincere desire to connect to their peers, as well as to connect their peers to one another, while exploring and experiencing other cultures through a shared context of food and fellowship," said Kyle Graham, Director of Student Engagement & Retention.