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UNChapel: A student-inspired, student-led, and student-produced chapel service

October 28, 2009

The Regent Spiritual Life Committee has created a brand new way to build community between Regent students of every school and major. In response to suggestions from students, the Spiritual Life Committee has launched UNChapel—a student-inspired, student-led, and student-produced chapel service that is anything but typical.

Students from every discipline gather each Thursday evening for worship, an empowering word, and fellowship—an experience that Divinity student, Jason Peaks called "authentic" and Undergraduate Cinema-Television major, Keith Shimek, lauded as "rejuvenating." UNChapel provides a place for intimate time with the Lord that is laid-back and uninhibited. It draws students with the opportunity to focus on God in the middle of what is often a demanding weekly schedule. Regent Undergraduate Council’s Chaplain, Brad Zimmerman, stated, "I believe in the principle, allowing people to unwind and really seek God—to worship organically."

Dr. Richard Kidd, Director of Campus Ministries, highlights the focus and importance of the initiative by asking attendees rhetorically how many of them want to make a difference in the world. "I don’t know why we’re here unless that’s why we’re here," he answered for all. Many students choose Regent to become a Christian Leader to Change the World—and UNChapel provides a venue to do just that. Inspirational and focused, UNChapel invites guest speakers to minister to and challenge students. In a recent UNChapel service, Pastor Peter DeArruda, of the New York School of Urban Ministry, encouraged students by declaring, "Let us be history makers—world changers!" To put that challenge to action, Pastor DeArruda followed the charge with an offer to attend a short-term mission in New York City this coming spring semester.

Jonathan Haber, the Chairman of the Spiritual Life Committee Chairman and a student in the School of Psychology and Counseling, has extends an open invitation to UNChapel to anyone "who wants to have the sense of full community."

UNChapel meets Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. in the Library Auditorium.