Professional Development

Non-Degree Professional Development Application

Admission Requirements:

Students who have completed one of the following requirements are eligible to apply as a non-degree student:

  • Successful achievement of a high school diploma
  • Passing grade on the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) test

Copies of transcripts from high school or college must be provided with your application.


  • Tuition is $250/credit hour for classes in online or campus format. (Some Theater, Animation, and Cinema Television classes may carry an additional fee of $70-200/course.)
  • The following fees also apply: Technology Fee of $250/term, Undergrad Support Fee of $19/term.
  • Financial aid is not available to non-degree students.

Application Terms:

  • Non-degree students are limited to taking a maximum of 9 credit hours at Regent University. 
  • A non-degree student is required to maintain a GPA of 2.0 in Regent University courses.
  • Acceptance as a non-degree student does not constitute acceptance as a degree-seeking student. A separate application for degree-seeking students is required.
  • Acceptance as a non-degree student does not guarantee availability of courses. Regent University reserves the right to change or cancel courses, so please call (800-722-3680) or visit our website to confirm the location, date, and time of your course(s) prior to the first day of class. 
  • Visiting students are required to determine how courses taken at Regent University will transfer to their home institution. Regent is NOT responsible for determining applicability of transfer credits.
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