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Choosing Regent University College Courses To Complete Your High School Education and Gain College Credit

When choosing Regent Early College classes for completion of high school requirements it is important to keep in mind several factors.

Course Intensity

In our on-line program, classes are delivered in 8-week sessions. This means that a 3 or 4 credit hour college level course, which is approximately equivalent to a high school unit or one entire year of a high school subject, is begun and completed in 8 weeks. This course structure is extremely compact. Therefore, it is necessary to plan other high school courses accordingly. Typically, a high school junior or senior should take two or three additional high school (year-long) courses in addition to the 8-week on-line course at Regent. Remember that these courses begin and end in 8-weeks, and there are two 8-week session each semester. If a student takes one course each 8 weeks, he/she will still complete between 3 and 4 high school units during the school year.
Our on-campus classes are most often delivered in a 15-week format, with the exception of some hybrid classes which meet once a week on campus with the rest of the coursework being delivered in the on-line format. The hybrid classes are also in the 8-week format. The 15-week, on-campus classes are not as intense as the 8-week classes, but they are still equivalent to approximately 1 high school unit and, therefore, proceed twice as fast as the typical high school class which lasts for the entire school year. Again, it is best to plan a reduced load of other high school classes to accommodate the higher intensity college course.

Start With the Basics

Most college students should begin their college career with some basic skill building courses. English 101 and 102 are designed to beef up student writing skills which will then be used in most of the other college courses needed to complete a bachelor's degree. These English courses along with other basic general education requirement courses (see our recommend course list for Early College) with course numbers that are in the 100's or 200's, are good courses to start with. In addition, these courses are most likely to transfer into other college degree programs should the student decide not to finish the degree program at Regent University. Religious studies courses, while excellent courses to take in high school, may not transfer as readily, especially to secular institutions.

Make Sure That You Fulfill Your High School Requirements

When taking college courses for dual credit, remember to plan well so that all high school requirements are met. For instance, if the high school student has taken World History as a high school course, then American History would be a good history course to take at Regent to fulfill the high school American History requirement as well as gain college credit. If a student is taking English 101 and 102 as the high school junior and senior English classes, you will want to make sure that the student also covers British and American Literature somehow, either by supplementing at home, or taking a British or American Literature class at Regent.

A Word About CLEP Testing

It is perfectly fine for a high school student to take a CLEP test to gain college credit as long as the college from which they plan to obtain their bachelor's degree accepts CLEP credit. However, it is not appropriate to give high school credit for a passed CLEP exam.  High school credit can be given for any work that the student does to learn the concepts in preparation for a CLEP test. This credit should be included on the high school transcript under a course title that correlates to the CLEP test taken.

Use Your Academic Advisor

When admitted to Regent as an Early College student, you will be assigned an Academic Advisor. This advisor can help with many things and should be the person that you call upon for assistance with course scheduling and registration as well as tutoring helps and other forms of assistance to support classroom success. Please do not wait until the last minute to get assistance when you need it.

For questions about Early College program at Regent University, please contact the undergraduate admissions office at 888-718-1222 or


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