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Early College - After You Apply

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Once you have submitted your completed Early College application and your high school transcript, your application will be processed and you will receive an acceptance email from our Enrollment Support Services Office. A day or two later, you will also receive an introductory email from your Academic Advisor with helpful information. The whole process from the receipt of your completed application to acceptance should take no more than a week.

Early College students can register for any of the classes listed on the Recommended Courses list based on the availability of that class at registration. See our course catalog for detailed information about these classes. Our course schedule will provide information about the particular courses available each session. Classes not on the recommended list may also be taken with the permission of the Early College Academic Advisor (assigned to you upon admission) and the Dean's office.

When a student graduates from high school and has taken Early College classes at Regent, those classes may be included on the high school transcript as part of the student's high school curriculum. When applying for admission to another university or college, the student will also need to provide that school with an official transcript from Regent. Regent University is regionally accredited and our courses should transfer to other colleges with no problem as long as the student has made a "C" or above in those classes.

We also have information regarding college admissions and homeschooled students available on our website. When you are ready to apply to one of our undergraduate degree programs, application information can be found on the undergraduate admissions page. We will waive the $50 application fee for any Early College student desiring to continue their education with Regent. To request that your application fee be waived or for questions about any of the procedures described above, please contact Rae Wilmot at 757-352-4207 or


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