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Summer Government Camp Online Registration

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Note: Please also list Cell Number & the name of an Emergency Contact Person and their Phone Number. Use "/" to separate.
Example: 757.123-4567(home or primary cell) / 757.987-6543 (cell) / 757.192-8374 Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Smith

Note: Use "/" to separate multiple address lines.
Example: 4958 Jones Place. / Floor 3 / Apartment #20

Note: Please also provide ALL of the following information in the order given.

If there are no allergies/special dietary considerations, put NONE. Use the "/" to separate.

Please list any nicknames your child prefers to go by. Age; Class Year (as of the Fall 14); Gender; Allergies; Adult T-Shirt Size (XL, L, M, S)
Example: Bruce C. Arthur/18/Senior/Male/Peanuts and Chocolate/Large Cindy N.Arthur/17/Junior/Female/Peanuts and Chocolate/Small

Important: By submitting payment, you agree to be bound by the Regent Government Summer Camp cancellation policy*

*Regent University will give a refund only if it can fill the vacated spot from a waiting list. Tuition is non-refundable under any other circumstances. If full payment is not received prior to Final Enrollment Deadline the camper will lose their spot without a refund.

Regent University's camp is filled on a first-paid basis. All enrollment is subject to availability and the successful deposit of enrollment funds. Deadline for Early Registration: May 31, 2014. Deadline for Final Registration and Complete Payment: June 20, 2014. Read more here