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Student Profiles

Business Students

Aaron Scicluna

Aaron Scicluna, 23
Kirkland, IL

Aaron had carefully studied Regent University before he decided to enroll in the Global Business Program. He had talked to current and former Regent students about what the school had to offer.

“Through my research I found that the program's flexibility along with the expert instructors, teaching from a Christian viewpoint, fit with my goals of Christian business leadership.”

Aaron has dreams of one day managing an influential technical company of his own, implementing his prior knowledge of network administration as well as Regent's training in computer science and business leadership.

Pamela Gonzales

Pamela Gonzales, 21
Woodbridge, VA

Pamela's long-term goal is to open her own hotel and restaurant. She desires to keep God involved in every aspect of her business and life and was thus attracted to Regent's integration of faith and learning.

“My Regent degree will show me how to incorporate God into my business and my life.

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Government Students

Matthew Kuhns

Matthew Kuhns, 27
Sarasota, FL

Matthew needed the ability to work full-time while earning his Political Science degree. When he found out that Regent offered a Christ-centered online education, it immediately became his first choice.

Matthew would like to complete his Bachelor's degree and continue on to graduate school. He's not sure if he wants to attend law school, get involved in politics, or teach at the university level, but for now he is confident that the Lord has led him to Regent and will continue to lead him afterward.

“Regent University will provide the education to further step toward success, while I am directed as to what it is the Lord has in store for my future.”

Joshua VanTassel

Joshua VanTassel, 24
Leesburg, Va

Josh's ambition is to serve in the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, or the Department of Homeland Security. He is preparing himself for this by earning a Political Science Degree from Regent University.

“I was looking for a Christian, accredited university geared toward working adults who are seeking to complete their degree.”

Regent's online degree program fits Josh's circumstances well. He is able to earn his bachelor's degree with Regent while working with an electronic security company in his hometown.

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Leadership Student

Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson, 45
Oak Creek, WI

Greg desired to serve multiple church congregations as a Divisional Commander in the Salvation Army. When he decided to earn a degree in leadership, he searched extensively for the leadership program he was looking for. Greg found that Regent University's Organizational Leadership and Management Program offered all the preparation necessary for him to excel as a leader of leaders in the Salvation Army.

“I am confident this is the direction God is leading me, and a degree from Regent will give me additional skills in working with leaders at all levels of spiritual growth and maturity…I believe God has called me to be a leader of leaders.”

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Psychology Students

Johnny Weixler

Johnny Weixler, 18
Myerstown, PA

While Johnny Weixler plans on completing his Doctorate of Psychology and becoming a clinical psychologist, his main motivation for choosing Regent University was to acquire a deeper understanding of the human mind and heart. He found that Regent offered the best combination of Christian spiritual direction and psychology training.

“I believe it is important for Christ-followers to help shape our culture…by bringing Jesus to the center of the philosophy of post-modern psychology.”

In Pennsylvania, Johnny works with Onfire Youth Ministries, through which he encounters many kids that have come from difficult backgrounds. Johnny has a passion for reaching these young people and his psychology degree from Regent is equipping him for broader, more insightful impact.

“Jesus hangs out with these sorts of kids. We're just following his lead. And He is leading!”

Cindy Loyd

Cindy Loyd, 39
Zion, IL

Cindy has always been a good student, enthusiastic about learning, but was disheartened by a lack of purpose in the material offered her by secular institutions.

“Why study anything if we cannot openly acknowledge the Creator of everything? At Regent University, I finally feel I have found direction and purpose.”

Cindy wants to earn her bachelor's and master's degrees in Psychology.  While still not sure what is in store for her beyond her schooling, she enjoys exploring the many avenues of psychology with Regent while providing home daycare services for young families.

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Religious Studies Students

David Cherry

David Cherry, 24
Virginia Beach, VA

“I wanted to study at a school that didn't hand out every answer, but encouraged it's students to keep asking questions and find the answers for themselves. I found this in Regent University.”

David served in the Navy after finishing high school. There, he became interested in ministry work and decided to pursue a biblical studies degree. After a long search, David decided to go to Regent.

“I ultimately want God to use my life to bring people to a greater love and knowledge of Him, and I believe Regent University will help equip me with the tools necessary to do this.”

Angelia Alford

Angelia Alford, 46
Martinsburg, WV

“Regent offers a broad range of courses and degrees. It is not just a school that teaches foundational courses, but rather one that is equipping (in the strongest sense of the word) Christians for ministry. It challenges the believer to the next level.”

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