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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Leadership Studies: Degree Overview

Online Leadership Degree Overview

On-Campus Degree Available

The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies is designed to equip individuals who are preparing to lead in a variety of situations and contexts. Since most leadership is done in the context of an organization, the program has a strong organizational component, but also provides a broader perspective on leadership. An emphasis on topics such as decision making, conflict resolution, knowledge management, and ethics equips students in the varied nuances of leadership that can be applied across multiple disciplines.

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The program provides a strong foundational knowledge of leadership theories, concepts, and principles, while inspiring students to immediately apply these in their places of influence and work. The Leadership Studies program offers a deep understanding of current leadership literature and subject matter with a biblical worldview perspective that emphasizes strong Christian character. Expert knowledge helps students know what should be done, while faith integration throughout the program helps them better understand how to effectively, sustainably, and morally apply it.

Courses in the B.A. in Leadership Studies are offered online and on-campus. The on-campus courses follow an eight-week hybrid format. They meet weekly on campus but have a strong online component as well. The online and hybrid formats allow a measure of flexibility to those students who are currently working fulltime. While this program is not limited only to adult learners or working professionals, starting in the spring of 2013, it will require entering students to have at least two years of leadership experience or three years of work experience that has exposed the student to leaders and leadership situations.

Three-Year Accelerated Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies is also offered as an accelerated program that can be completed in three years. This would allow students who need to earn their bachelor's degree in less than the traditional four years to do so. At least 6 credit hours must be transferred into the program.

Students will progress through the program as a cohort. The intention of the cohort model is to build a sense of community in the program that will benefit Christian formation, academic collaboration and university retention. The structured cohort approach offers collegial support and a clearly defined degree plan attractive to those working fulltime.


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