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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History

Online History Degree Overview

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Studying and remembering the past is an important cultural activity for all peoples. It is only by studying the past that we learn how we have become who we are as humans and as societies. Our online Bachelor of Arts in History degree will seek to understand the historical formation of all human societies in light of a Christian worldview. The history major will serve an integral role in achieving the goals and mission of the College of Arts & Sciences and Regent University. Historical study draws on the essential skills of critical thinking, research, problem solving and communicating clearly and persuasively that are the foundation of a Christian liberal arts education.

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Christians preparing for leadership in a global environment need to be aware of the unique histories of other cultures across time and place that historical study provides. Their grasp of their own Christian worldview as they develop an appreciation of the worldviews of the cultures they study will enable them to interact much more fruitfully with those in our modern world. Thus, the online learning history degree at Regent University equips students with narrative frameworks for understanding the cultural formation and interaction of all cultures in all historical periods and in a variety of regions of the world, both past and present.

Faculty in the history department strives to help students develop a deep appreciation for the critical role and responsibility that the Lord has given humans to create societies and cultures - those that reflect the Lord's desires for human flourishing, along with the grave tendencies of those cultures to frequently distort those desires. They desire that, in understanding history as an academic discipline, students also grow in their appreciation of the differing perspectives that ethnicity, class, gender, political perspective and religious values can bring to historical issues.

Finally, our online faculty hopes to engender in students a deep appreciation for the critical role that historical understanding plays in all areas of life, from one's personal life to the issues confronting the nations of the world in the present. The skills and insights that history majors learn will equip them for careers in a wide range of professions, including journalism, law, ministry, teaching, graduate study, government service and numerous others that value analytical and writing abilities.

This online history degree is also available to students enrolling in history courses at our campus in Virginia Beach, Va.

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